What is the use of bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) is frequently mentioned as a virtual exchange ecosystem and a substitute for principal bank-controlled bank notes. To get the best trading and much better use of bigmoneyrush trading software.  The latter is less valuable because its supply is controlled and limited to maintain price stability.

A monetary authority issues it and is accepted as a means of payment by parties making transactions. Other characteristics differentiate these two. The former has no geographic or political boundaries and is beyond central banks’ control. As the supply of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million, it faces competition from other currencies for acceptance as payment.

The latter can be created in any amount by governments and central banks. While its supply is controlled, increasing demand can lead to devaluation or inflationary pressure on the currency unit. Bitcoin is beyond the control of governments and central banks, and its credibility depends on the credibility of the blockchain technology that supports it. Governments and central banks can create money but cannot duplicate this feature because it will be seen as a counterfeit. Let’s discover the uses of bitcoin in detail.

1. Asset Exchange

Bitcoin is a substitute for money that can have a use case virtually without physical sense. It is often described as an asset exchange because it can be used as collateral and a means of payment online. In this aspect, Bitcoin may help users to reduce transaction costs in making payments by reducing insurance and the high cost of handling cash transactions through multiple intermediaries.

2. Payment Method for E-commerce Sites

E-commerce sites are rich in content and easy to search for customers, but they present difficulties for consumers when making payments using credit cards or PayPal accounts. As a payment method, Bitcoin presents an alternative which is free from intermediaries. In this case, the value of bitcoin does not currently fluctuate as much as other currencies do, mainly because its supply is controlled, which allows users to know how many bitcoins are available for consumption.

3. Payment Method in Exchanges

Bitcoin has been widely used as a payment method in exchanges because of its transparency and ease of conducting transactions online. Cryptocurrency also reduces transaction costs and decreases the risks of making payments online.

4. Speculative Asset

Bitcoin is often considered a speculative asset because its price varies considerably, depending on the demand for money and an alternative currency in trading activities. When demand increases, the price of Bitcoin increases, but when demand decreases, bitcoin prices decrease. Demand can be affected by any change in the supply of bitcoins or its use as an alternative currency to fiat money.

5. Payment in the Global Economy

As an alternative currency, Bitcoin has been seen as a payment method in the global economy. The latter depends on the value of other currencies and is affected by any change in the value of fiat money. As a payment method for online retail stores and online gaming platforms, Bitcoin has gained more exposure to consumers worldwide. Its use is not limited to local economies, which makes it useful for buyers who want to make payments worldwide on their computers or mobile phones.

6. Smart contracts and decentralized applications

As a decentralized system, Bitcoin can support smart contracts and decentralized applications (Dapps); applications run on blockchain technology such as Ethereum. In these cases, the value of bitcoin depends on the credibility of blockchain technology, which is already a secure network supported by many participants that are not controlled by a single entity and are virtually immune to external attacks.

7. Anonymous Payments

Bitcoin payments are anonymous because they are linked to the digital addresses of users, which do not need to be linked to names or other identifying information. Public and private keys are assigned cryptographic addresses, which are extremely difficult to break, even for governments. Bitcoin payments can be possible from anywhere in the world, but it is recommended to use a local wallet to avoid online attacks that can lead to the loss of funds.

8. Lower Fees

The fees charged by electronic payment methods such as credit cards and Paypal are significantly higher than the fees charged by bitcoin. In this sense, bitcoin can be seen as an alternative means of payment that allows vendors to reduce their costs of transactions with suppliers and customers in foreign countries. Although fees vary between payees, they are lower than those charged by credit cards or Paypal accounts so that they can provide better deals for clients and customers

The above categories clearly show that bitcoin is not limited to being a currency similar to fiat money currently used by banks and currencies created by central banks like Euros, Yen or Yuan.

Huynh Nguyen

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