Why More and More Parents are Choosing Holle Baby Formula

Holle is one of the leading baby food brands worldwide. This Swiss company produces baby formulas, porridge, and more products for babies and toddlers. They stand out from other organic formula manufacturers due to their line of products for babies with sensitive tummies.

All the company’s products are free from GMOs, added hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. Furthermore, when you buy Holle baby formula, you can be sure it does not contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Pure Organic Ingredients in Holle Baby Formulas

The manufacturer uses milk from cows and goats from sustainable biodynamic farms. These animals are grass-fed, given access to plenty of fresh air and exercise, and do not overcome the dehorning process. The milk used for Holle baby formulas is certified organic. Moreover, the brand’s products are Demeter certified, meaning they meet the strictest requirements for sustainable farming. Demeter certification is known as the gold standard in organic farming. This certification must be renewed annually to guarantee the best quality of products. Such a rigorous verification guarantees all the components have been checked for chemical additives, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, steroids, and added sugar.

Easily Digested Formulas for Babies with Sensitive Tummies

If your little one often suffers from constipation, colic, and other unpleasant symptoms, it may be a sign of a sensitive stomach. In such a case, you should consult with a pediatrician about whether goat milk-based formula or A2 baby formula may be a good match for your infant.

Holle offers two lines of baby formulas designed to be easily digested by infants. Many babies who have difficulties digesting other formulas can tolerate this manufacturer’s formulas fine.

Holle A2 formula is produced from milk that comes from specially selected cows that only produce A2 protein, which is digested much easier and faster than A1 protein contained in regular cow milk. The manufacturer performs a DNA test to select A2 cows. This line of formulas is available for babies of different ages.

Aside from the A2 line, Holle offers a line of formulas based on goat milk. Goat milk is also digested earlier than regular cow milk, so babies with sensitive tummies tolerate it well. Besides, each Holle baby formula is enriched with critical vitamins and trace elements to meet the needs of a growing organism.

More Benefits of Holle Baby Formulas

Here are several more advantages why parents choose Holle formulas:

  • Affordable price. Despite being produced with superior-quality ingredients, Holle products have reasonable prices, so parents do not have to spend a fortune to provide their babies with the best nutrition.
  • Long shelf life. This allows you to stock up without worrying about running out of formula.
  • Several stages for different ages. The brand offers products for different ages, so you can choose a product for a newborn, a baby, or a toddler, and be sure that your little one receives all the valuable nutrients at every development stage.

Note! You should always consult your baby’s pediatrician before choosing or changing a baby formula.

Huynh Nguyen

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