Yes, Republicans are coming for gay marriage

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This blog told you In December that the 6-3 Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Calf, and The only thing that is unclear is whether this will be the case this June or next year. Now we’re here to tell you that afterwards roe gone, the next target appears more and more Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 case that legalized marriage equality. Republicans have indicated for months that they want to upper skin gone, and here are the latest grim clues.

Most recently, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said the Supreme Court erroneously invented the right to same-sex marriage. He made this point not once, but four times during the Supreme Court confirmation process now-Judge Ketanji Brown Jacksonduring both his interrogation times, once in committee votes and once more in the Senate. This man doesn’t even face a Senate primary until 2026, and he still felt the need to make his homophobic views very clear.

And then there’s Tennessee Legislature the introduction of a pair of bills last week to establish a new class of marriage between just one man and one woman. Lawmakers “forgot” to add an age of consent for this type of marriage, open the floodgates to child marriagewhich is very funny for a party obsessed with calling their opponents pedophile. The Republican sponsor of the bill told a local news site that the bill “offers an alternative form of marriage for those pastors and others who are conscientiously opposed to the current approach to marriage in our law.” This is an admission they are trying to make get around binding precedent of the Supreme Court. (Alabama did a different trick in 2019 than Appease homophobic judges who didn’t want to issue marriage licenses—the legislature simply replaced the licenses with marriage certificates that the couple fills out.)

The effort to lose weight roe is in some way also linked to the dismantling of same-sex marriage. First, the evil genius behind the bounty hunter part of Texas’ six-week abortion ban, Jonathan Mitchell, advocates a marginal legal theory according to which the Supreme Court does not erase laws it deems unconstitutional, but simply lets them rest. States would have to repeal their laws to really make them go away.

Building on that argument, another Texas Republican wrote the Attorney General in October that Texas has never lifted its ban on gay marriage and asks the AG whether it allows individuals to do so not recognizable same sex marriages. According to See this letter from the texas state representative, one of the attorneys who helped win this upper skin Fall said he now believes same-sex couples should indeed do so be concerned about their marriages.

And Mitchell himself wrote in a brief to the Supreme Court that both marriage equality and sex with a same-sex partner (Lawrence vs. Texas2003) are court-invented rights that are “as lawless as roe‘ and asked the court to overthrow them all. So there is!

As Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel explained to Jezebel falling down roe would weaken cases like Laurentius, upper skin, Loves vs. Virginia (which legalized interracial marriage), and even Griswold vs. Connecticut, the 1965 ruling that allowed married couples to use birth control. That’s because all of these cases are based on a right to privacy first found in Griswold and the precedents build on each other. Each fall is like a Jenga block, and removing one could topple the whole tower.

We don’t know exactly when and how upper skin is challenged but the attack begins and it’s obvious. The Supreme Court has already accepted a next-term anti-discrimination law case that could leave a huge hole Protective measures for homosexual couples. It’s the case of a website designer who wants to be able to post on her website that she refuses same-sex couples as clients in violation of a Colorado law. She claims the law violates her right to free speech. By accepting the case, the court has signaled that the chopping has already begun.

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