Why is Kiernan Shipka hanging out with John Mayer?

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45-year-old John Mayer was spotted in Los Angeles over the weekend with 22-year-old Kiernan Shipka. No, it wasn’t the father-daughter square dance. No, it wasn’t a last-minute Get Out The Vote project with celebs who rose to fame in the wee hours of the morning. Unfortunately it seems to have been a date.

Maybe it could have been a four-hour platonic dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica where Mayer serenaded Shipka, but this Daily Mail Expectations that the two got into separate decoy cars after eating, only to pull over a block later so Shipka could get into Mayer’s limo. So put your suitcase on the bed – there’s a lot to unpack.

This isn’t the first time mad Men Star and “white supremacist” Tail Haver were spotted together. Dating rumors swirled in February after they were spotted hugging outside Tower Bar in LA. To be fair, I’ve hugged my uncles outside of restaurants, but those restaurants aren’t paparazzi hotspots, where celebrities go expressly to be seen. This prompted fans to ask Deux Moi, the Instagram gossip, if Shipka and her alleged boyfriend, filmmaker Christian Coppola, were in an open relationship. Yes, the Coppola in question is a Coppola, but we can’t go down the rabbit hole of nepotism. (Also, it’s not entirely clear what their status is. Friends? Lovers? Ex-boyfriends who go to public events together?) We need to focus on Hollywood’s other indulgences: age difference relationships.

Mayer and Shipka’s age difference is old enough to legally order an espresso martini and voted in the 2020 election. But I have to quickly address the fact that they got into different cars, only to meet up again a block later in Mayer’s limousine. The bait and switch. The secrecy. A sedan. It all feels very old Hollywood. Even older than Mayer. Do celebs still travel around in limousines? I am both shocked and fascinated by the image Mayer has created of himself: a gene X Lothario serenades young women to Grateful Dead music that their dad is probably listening to.

This isn’t the first May-December romance for the man who sang “Twice as Much Isn’t Twice as Good.” Over a decade ago, when Mayer was 32, he dated then-19-year-old Taylor Swift. Swift has written about regretting that relationship in a number of their songs including “Dear John”, “The Story of Us” and most lately“Would have, would have, would have.” Another of Mayer’s many exes, Jessica Simpson (who was at least closer to his age when they started dating and whom he once described as “sexual napalm“), called their relationship “unhealthy” and “manipulative”.

Shipka in September Also radioed Dating rumors with 42-year-old BJ Novak after being spotted out to dinner with him multiple times. If you are a reader in the Los Angeles area between the ages of 21 and 28, I urge you to find Shipka and show her that brunch is a lot more fun with people her own age than they are Types of pasta bolognese.

Of course, Shipka could really just be going out to dinner with Mayer and Novak for non-romantic reasons. Maybe she needs an older brother-like figure to give her tax advice. Perhaps they describe the appeal of Alice In Chains. Or maybe Shipka explains that gene Xers, meaning “sus.” Apparently the rumors that she was dating one of them sparked feelings in a lot of people, myself included. Even though Twitter collapses with the Musk acquisition, users still manage to sign up and support financially that Mayer “stays away from her”.

Obviously she’s grown up but for many, Shipka is as cemented in our minds mad Men‘s 7 year old Sally Draper. Similarly, Mayer is the man he became famous for Write about running through the halls of his high school in 1998, a year before Shipka was born. Until anything is confirmed, I am personalI’ll stick with the older brother’s tax advice theory because financial law and the 23 year age difference are both utter mysteries that don’t appeal to me.

https://jezebel.com/why-is-kiernan-shipka-hanging-out-with-john-mayer-1849757323 Why is Kiernan Shipka hanging out with John Mayer?

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