Who is Dragonlord on TikTok? 5 facts about the YouTuber

Germany-based Drachenlord is a well-known YouTuber and vlogger who shares his content on the channel known as Drache Lord.

Dragonlord is known for his headbanging movies, which should be featured on his Dragon Official channel. He also communicates his games in real time on YouNow and shares a movie of them with his followers on DrachegamesLP.


The main episode of Drranchelord’s “Outright Mad Lads” was distributed on YouTube by a famous client, nicknamed Count Dankula, who broadcasts recordings under the name DragonLord. The wider public’s attention was drawn to the film, which provided a clarification of Dragonlord’s ongoing circumstances as well as his range of experiences.

Who is Dragonlord on TikTok?
Drachenlord is known to be followed on TikTok, where he follows the handle @drachenlordrw.

The YouTuber has over 260,000 followers on stage. On his recordings he got a total of 1.5 million likes. Despite the fact that he’s deeply loathed and devastated on YouTube, his TikTok followers don’t seem to go that far. His latest TikTok video was posted a few hours ago and has reached more than 500 likes. The TikToker turned off its comments for the video.

Drachenlord’s TikTok recordings are all in German.

5 facts about the YouTuber
Dragonlord is a YouTuber who has received tons of raving from YouTube customers for his content, which is considered exceptionally ill-advised.

The following are five realities about the YouTuber:

1. The Dragon Lord’s real name

Drachenlord’s real name is Rainer Winkler.

He is a German YouTuber and figurehead of computer games, as well as a heart for heavy metal. On the internet, Dragon Lord has been viewed with both amusement and derision as he has been the target of various wild endeavors.

Individuals have condemned him for his content, which often features individualized glimpses of himself, similar to those in his homeland. His channel has apparently been banned a number of times for allegedly submitting indecent sexual material. He was classified as “Germany’s most hated YouTuber”.

2. Dragonlord was harassed for revealing his home address

A message to the discourse message containing danger was delivered to Winkler’s sister in 2014 by a web savage wishing to remain mysterious.

Accordingly, on February 5, 2014, Winkler responded by testing the person who sent him the message and giving the source his location.

3. “The Dragon Game” and “The Pilgrimmage” were the names of games intended to harass the YouTuber

After his character was revealed, people from the devastated area started playing a game they called “The Dragon Game” on YouTube.

This is her term for getting involved with him. A later game expansion was classified as “The Pilgrimmage”, which involved players going to Winkler’s house and irritating him there.

On August 21, 2018, a German news source expressed that 150 young nerds had gathered at Winkler. With its questionable films, Drachenlord had fueled the contempt of people who recognized themselves as “skeptics” on the Internet.

From that point on, he rashly decided to spread his location on the Internet. He would put his enemies to the test, urging them to show up close to home to sort out their problems face-to-face with him. In certain circles, the get-together is also called the “Schanzenfest”.

4. Dragonlord started his YouTube channel in 2011

Winkler first launched his YouTube channel under the name “DrachenLord1510” on August 10, 2011.

The next year, on July 1, 2012, Winkler posted his very first video, which was a tribute to his late father Rudi and was shared on YouTube. After some time, the video was taken down from the site.

After those two days, Winkler released a video detailing the creation of his original Let’s Play channel on YouTube. On September 13, 2013, Drachen Lord aired another web-based local area and hosted a video prologue on stage.

5. Drachenlord is called Germany’s most hated YouTuber

Pictures were taken that ridiculed Winkler’s recordings and his reaction to the analysis of those recordings.

Some people in Germany refer to him as “YouTube’s Most Hated YouTuber”. During his live feeds, Winkler regularly faces harassment from online savages and individuals Winkler alludes to as “critics.” These people threw rocks and set off firecrackers at Winkler’s house.

On October 19, 2016, YouTube customer Superdumpfback broadcast a remix of the tune “Hitler Downfall” which featured him in the tune. Winkler was the subject of a video uploaded to YouTube by client Graf Dankula on June 15, 2018. The video has more than 1.3 million views in less than two years of its broadcast.

Count Dankula followed up his Dragonlord video with a year after it was first distributed. North of 580,000 people saw the video in less than 90 days of its release.

Dragonlord fortune
We estimate Drancelord’s net worth to be around $80,000 given the number of followers and the absolute number of views his recordings receive on YouTube.

The vast majority of Drancelord’s salary comes from the material he creates and the live streams he has via virtual entertainment. It has a very large number of followers, which makes it perhaps the most famous online entertainment to emerge in Germany.

Regardless, his total fortune is only an estimate as he has not discussed his wealth with his allies up to this point.

https://www.tvguidetime.com/people/who-is-drachenlord-on-tiktok-5-facts-on-the-youtuber-384148.html Who is Dragonlord on TikTok? 5 facts about the YouTuber

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