“What immediately destroys the mood at a party?” 19 absolute mood killers

John Plunkett. Updated April 3, 2023

It’s been a while since we’ve been to a party – you know, a correct Party – but it wasn’t that long ago that we couldn’t identify with each and every one.

They were among the most popular answers to this question Joeyniles9 over on Reddit.

“What immediately breaks the mood at a party?”

And these 19 are absolute mood killers, every single one.


“Somebody turn on the big light.”
temple water

“I have to turn off the lights and keep things sexy.

“And then when the host wants to go to bed, they just turn on the lights, turn off the music and watch everyone run away like roaches.”
Uncle Hagbard


‘Aggressive drunk.’

“I think the S is needed. A single, aggressive drunk can be intercepted. The party can bang them around and make them feel special… and if not, push them into a ditch.
Several aggressive drunks? GTFO. Now.’
Fish fingersLove thing


“The crying girl who needs everyone to comfort her. Get out of the bathroom, there’s a line forming!’


“Somebody shit in the sink at one of my house parties. That was definitely a buzz killer!’



“I was at a staff party with an open bar and it was about time the first groups of guests were leaving.

“As they went to get their coats out of the closet, they spotted a young new team member who we thought left hours ago. He had stripped off all his clothes, made a nest of jackets, soiled everything and passed out.

‘Killed the vibes for sure.’

“Bless his heart. Has he ever come back to work?”
Liberty Cash

“Unfortunately, he peed and got diarrhea. Although he showed up for work on Monday, he only lasted a week or two before leaving the organization. whoops Maybe look at the 18 year olds if you have an open bar.


“When someone turns off the music and starts playing an acoustic guitar.”

“Hey, I’ve been playing guitar for decades and all I can say is you’re absolutely right.

“I never play at a party unless I’m specifically asked to and everyone is there. Otherwise it’s just stupid fuss.

“Also tip: if you end up being the guy playing at a party, you better fuck make sure you pick the right song to play. For reference, the correct song is “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.’
Words that end in word


“Beverage shortages when everything is closed.”

“Ah yes, time for the adventure (gathers people to search for the nearest gas station to buy more alcohol, gets lost twice, changes destination several times, 3 people are missing, someone passes out, drinks all the liquor before they make their way home).’

‘The Adventure > The Real Party.’


“If someone changes a song before the best part…I did that and got my fool ex-communicated…rightly so.”
Employee number-9

“Nothing worse than a stationary DJ. Even if the song is mediocre, getting through it is certainly better than skipping 20 seconds over each song played.’


“When people take over the TV to share YouTube videos.”
maybe thoughtful

“Oh there’s a funny video about it, let me find it. No, no, it’ll only take a second. Hmm I don’t see it on TikTok, was it Youtube? One second, it’s loading. Ok here it is. no wait No, it’s this one. ok ready? 00:04/06:55.”


“A couple getting into a public argument.”

“It’s mostly entertaining, I think.”

“It’s entertaining, except when that couple wanted to drive you home.”

https://www.thepoke.co.uk/2023/04/03/what-instantly-kills-the-vibe-at-a-party-19-absolute-mood-slayers/ “What immediately destroys the mood at a party?” 19 absolute mood killers

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