Wall Street Journal asks 3 women over 65 if abortion became less important before the midterms

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That Wall Street Journal released a opinion poll Wednesday showing suburban white ladies pulled the old switcheroo, just a few days before election day. Compared to the outlet’s last poll in August, white suburban women now favor Republican politicians by 15 points — and the notable conservative paper does to show with this data has “lost importance” as a problem. for Democrats.

To illustrate that losing federal abortion rights isn’t that big of a deal that diary interviewed three people who are extremely unlikely to become pregnant and who already lean toward the Republican Party when voting: women over 65.

The first interview cited in this story is Dana Gianassi, a 68-year-old Californian who is a Republican-leaning independent of record. In fact, she has already voted for it a straight Republican ticket in the midterms. “I have a feeling the Democrats are ruining our country,” Gianassi told the paper, saying gas prices and, as the paper put it, “securing the southern border” are their main issues. At least their state is connected to the southern border.

Then there’s Ruth Anne Ramsey, a 76-Year-old in connecticut who said she’s an independent voter, leaning toward Republican candidates for that reason the economy. “I think the economy is number one in my eyes. It costs people so much more money to live” you said. (Even though Ramsey said she trusts Democrats more on social issues…not enough to vote for her, but enough to tell a reporter.)

Finally, they interviewed a Republican voting Republican. The very person who is sure to be running from the Democratic Party! Pennsylvania native Susan Smith, 76, said inflation is her biggest problem. “It affects us personally. I came out with some grocery bags and paid $120,” she said WSJ. “I eat Cheerios every morning, and they have doubled in price.”

AApparently, that poll found that “a total of 66 percent of white suburban women” say rising costs of living are causing some kind of financial strain in their lives, up more than 10 points since the last poll in August. But how they choose to illustrate the data is revealing.

None of the people interviewed in this story are inclined to care about legal abortion rights, either because of their age or their party affiliation. The more interesting interview would be to speak to pro-Democrat independents who are actually leaving the Democratic Party. Instead, I am treated to three women who not get pregnant can be used as a benchmark for abortion can be called a cool thing.

https://jezebel.com/wall-street-journal-asks-3-women-over-65-if-abortion-ha-1849734946 Wall Street Journal asks 3 women over 65 if abortion became less important before the midterms

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