Top Things Adults Miss From Childhood Revealed – What Do You Miss The Most?

THE top things adults miss most in childhood are waking up carefree, school vacations and no life management.

A study of 2,000 Britons revealed the activities they have craved since they were young, with more than half (56 per cent) admitting they have lost their sense of fun as they got older.

Annie Orchard, a London commuter, hops onto a giant bed set up by Tropicana at King's Cross station


Annie Orchard, a London commuter, hops onto a giant bed set up by Tropicana at King’s Cross stationPhoto credit: SWNS

Getting pocket money, playing in the park, and watching TV as soon as they got home from school made the top 40 list.

Others miss things being done for them, including cooking, washing, and making packed lunches.

Waking up excited, especially on her birthday, was also featured.

The research was commissioned by Tropicana, which is calling on adults to reclaim a childlike positivity at the start of each day by building a giant bed and setting it up in the main hall of King’s Cross Station for adults to use as a trampoline.

The survey found that people typically remember starting their day happy (35 percent), playful (22 percent), and optimistic (21 percent) when they were young.

In comparison, adults today wake up tired (42 percent), stressed (24 percent), and anxious (21 percent).

You wake up with four things on your mind, including the weather, tasks at work for the day ahead, money, and bills.

Caroline Wilding, spokeswoman for Tropicana Brands Group, said: “With so many adults across the country missing some of the fun they had as kids, like being outside or singing out loud, we’re calling on the nation to embrace that nostalgia embrace positivity and ‘Be More Kid’.

“We want to remind people to bring that childlike fun and sunshine into your day.

“The way we start each day, from breakfast to work, has a huge impact on setting the tone for the day ahead.”

The research further found that more than a quarter (26 percent) wished they hadn’t taken childhood for granted when they were young, and the funniest age was revealed to be nine.


1st school holidays

2. Waking up carefree, ie no worries about the day ahead

3. No life admin

4. To be cooked

5. Be cared for when you are unwell

6. Waking up excited on your birthday morning

7. Spending a lot of time outdoors

8. Playing in the park

9. Get pocket money

10. Seeing friends at school every day

11. Falling asleep quickly and easily

12. Washing is done

13. Watching children’s TV shows

14. Not knowing the concept of money

15. The novelty of everything eg flying for the first time, going to the cinema for the first time

16. Waking up excited

17. Inviting friends over after school / going to friends’ houses

18. Growing up feeling like you could be anything you wanted

19. No need to buy groceries

20. Watching TV after you get home from school

21. Climbing trees

22. Buying candy and chocolate

23. Have toys bought for you

24. Drawing/Coloring

25. Knocking on neighbors’ doors to go out and play

26. Play hide and seek

27. Not worrying about getting dirty outside

28. Going to fairs/rides

29. Going to slot machines

30. Be read aloud

31. Made a packed lunch

32. Waking up with a positive attitude

33. Being carried when you’re too tired to walk

34. Singing without caring how it sounded

35. Jumping in puddles

36. Walk, bike, or scooter to school

37. Get certificates, gold star etc

38. Have overnight stays

39. Naps a day

40. After school clubs/hobbies

In comparison, adults were found to have lost their sense of fun at the average age of 27.

Half of respondents agreed that adults need to be more light-hearted and take their cues from children’s books, while 27 percent envy others who have fun without caring what people think.

Things adults think they could learn from teens include making more time for fun (45 percent), seeing the best in people (40 percent), and starting the day on a positive note (38 percent).

Of those surveyed, 56 percent have participated in a childhood activity since adulthood, including a nap (41 percent), playing slot machines (38 percent), and painting (33 percent).

Such leisure activities made them happy (56 percent) and carefree (44 percent), according to the [] Data.

Caroline Wilding added: “For almost a third of adults, how they start the day affects their mood.

“It just goes to show how important it is to start the morning on a positive note – with a glass half full, if you will.

“It was revealing to learn that more than half said a childhood activity made them happy.

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“To inspire inspiration and give people an excuse to take time out for positivity, we installed a giant bed in King’s Cross to allow commuters and passers-by to tap into their inner positivity and make their day brighter.

“We hope that those who engage can forget their work commitments or daily stress and hop onto a giant bed to turn their normal morning routine into an opportunity for fun.” Top Things Adults Miss From Childhood Revealed – What Do You Miss The Most?

Caroline Bleakley

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