Top 10 Greek restaurants to try around the US

Everyone knows Greek and Mediterranean food; lots of chicken, lots of tomatoes, lots of feta cheese, and certainly lots of different and fresh flavors. Are you a fan of Greek food?

Have you ever had some Greek? Food really breathes life into your mind? Have you ever been to a restaurant where you just knew what they were doing and made you want to come back for more?

Some of the most famous and popular Greek dishes include such dishes as Souvlaki (Gyros), Moussaka, Spanokopita, Chicken Lemon Soup, Barbecue and Lamb Kebabs, just to name a few.

What’s your favourite food? What is the best Greek restaurant in your area?

Downward (in No specific order) we will visit the best Greek restaurants around the country. Let’s see if we find some Best Greek food Where are you from!

1. Omega Ouzeri

Location: Seattle, WA

Highlights of famous dishes: Whole grilled lavraki

Omega promises not only to serve delicious and authentic Greek food, but also that every group and every guest will enjoy and be a part of their lively Greek atmosphere!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? Well… starting with the “meze” category, they serve up some traditional Greek-style small plates that are great for sharing. In other words, this is how the Greeks say they are serving appetizers! As you move through those small plates, move on to some of their best main dishes including ton seafood, including one of their most famous: Whole grilled lavraki… This dish includes grilled fresh sea bass, crispy garlic, lemon oil, and lots of fresh herbs.

2. Kyma

Location: the capital city of Atlanta

Highlights of famous dishes: Lamb pasta

The owner and chef at Kyma is also the bestselling author of a book titled Modern green cooking. He promises that you will taste all the absolute magic of his classic Greek dishes!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? Kyma first opened in 2001, reaching many tons and ton National attention through their delicious food. In fact, they (Kyma) were named one of John Mariani’s picks on the “Top 20 Restaurants in the Nation” list in 2002, just a year after opening. Each piece of culinary art featuring 100 recipes also comes with the best possible wines to accompany each dish. Not only do they have a wide selection of desserts and savory dishes, but they also have plenty of tasting options for those undecided (me)! Now, according to them Lamb pasta Let’s go… This includes slow and fresh lamb leg, summer fava beans, sheep’s milk cheese and pappardelle pasta.

3. Zaytinya

Location: Washington DC

Highlights of famous dishes: Shish Taouk

The famous and famous chef, José Andrés, directly directs this restaurant under his own supervision! Not a fan of Greek food but also enjoy Lebanese and Turkish cuisine – here you are!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? First of all, José André is a ** bad chef who has appeared on The Food Network a few times, even working at a country club near where I live with one of my cousins. me! Second, Zaytinya reopened in 2002 (officially 20 years ago – 2 decades of Zay – woohoo) and has since become one of DC’s most beloved series! Now, according to them Shish Taouk go… This includes grilled chicken skewers, sumac (a flowering plant in the cashew family), onions, garlic toum (creamy sauce), and grilled tomatoes.

4. Kokkari Estiatorio

Location: San Francisco, CA

Highlights of famous dishes: Spanakotiropita

This restaurant prides itself on modernization classic greek dishes, all keeping the ethnic taste all alive and good. Their goals? To make friends with strangers and make food suitable for gods!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? First, the name has an interesting story – Kokkari is said to be where Orion met and fell in love with the daughter of the King of Chios; In fact, to really win her love, Orion had to scour the island for seafood and wildlife in preparation for a huge and huge party. Anyway… second, you can smell all the food cooking and smoking, and you just know that you are family and feel like a god while dining there! Now, according to them Spanakotiropita Go… This is a super classic and consists of small traditional filo ‘pies’, all delicious and rich with sautéed spinach, feta cheese, leeks and dill.

5. Esperia Grill

Location: Brighton, MA

Highlights of famous dishes: Avgolemono

Esperia Grill in Brighton, Massachusetts, has been voted the best Greek restaurant in the greater Boston area by Boston Magazine on three separate occasions, among other accolades!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? First of all, in addition to being voted Best Restaurant in Boston three separate times, Epserial Grill has also been voted Best Restaurant in Boston by once a few years ago, Epserial Grill. Second, they offer catering, private events and, of course, your classic dinner options. At Esperia Grill, you can also order some of your favorite Greek dishes online including several, such as the following: Orzo with Chicken and Kabobs on Pita. Now, according to them Avgolemono Go… This includes their classic Egg Lemon Soup. Now, I’ve never had this kind of soup before, but I’ve had some absolutely delicious Greek Lemon Chicken Soup from a quaint grocer called Sunset Foods all over the place, and yes as such. delish!

6. Chrissoulas

Location: Libertyville, IL

Highlights of famous dishes: Grilled octopus

When you dine here at Chrissoulas, you can be considered close friends or considered family. Consider this when you come here: you are dining with family. Kinda Greek olive grove.

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? Brothers Nick and Theo have had a dream of opening a Greek restaurant in honor of their Yiayia (Greek for Grandma) since 2008. They both graduated from one of the most recognized culinary schools in the world. named Kendall College in Chicago, Illinois. They deliver exciting flavors, classic dishes, and don’t let food go to waste, all including some of their best memories as children. Now, according to them Grilled octopus Go… This dish consists of (pieces) of (fresh) octopus cooked in Greek olive oil with (some) garlic and lemon preserves.

7. Psistaria Greek Taverna

Location: Lincolnwood, IL

Highlights of famous dishes: Chicken Riganati

While they do However, featuring traditional Greek dishes, they also serve authentic menu items with fresh, local ingredients. Thank you to the Bournas family since 2005!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? First of all, hello Chef George! First off, let’s take a look at all of their delicious Daily Specials! For lunch, try their Greek-style Spaghetti and Meatballs. For a sandwich option, try their Loukaniko (Sausage) Sandwich. Also, try their wide selection of salads! Third, Psistaria Greek Taverna is a great Greek restaurant for the following fact(s): their menu sometimes changes with the seasons, so don’t fret or don’t worry – you’ll never feel Tired of their dishes and menus alike! Now, according to them Chicken Riganati go… This includes Chicken grilled in olive oil and various spices. If you like dark or white meat, order what you like.

8. Great Greek Mediterranean Grill

Location: Westminster, CO

Highlights of famous dishes: Melitzanosalata

First of all, they have 36 locations nationwide – Oh! Second, food, family and unity is their motto, so when you’re here, you’re family. Eat, guys!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? With over 30 years in the culinary business, this restaurant was originally started back in the day, with the chefs still keeping some of the OG traditions and Greek dishes. Generation cooking is always the best! Now, according to them Melitzanosalata go… This includes delicious looking grilled eggplant puree with garlic, olive oil and lime juice (PS go to their website and catch a picture – Mouth salivating OMG, right?!).

9. Acropolis cuisine

Location: Metairie, LA

Highlights of famous dishes: Fried Calamari

When you think of New Orleans or Louisiana as a state as a whole, I’m sure Greek food usually doesn’t come to mind. The Acropolis is proud to be one of NOLA’s few!

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? According to their website: “Eat, laugh, live and enjoy…”. That’s what food is all about: creating delicious flavors and memories alike, am I right?! Anyhow, even though they say their kitchen is small, their hearts are big and nonetheless filled with loads of fresh ingredients. Now, according to them Fried Calamari Go… This one consists of deep-fried and succulent calamari served with some classic marinara sauce (and maybe lemon, let’s be honest, that’s how it’s almost always served on a plate).

10. Greek pastry shop

Location: Missoula, MT

Highlights of famous dishes: Falafel Sandwich

First of all, when they go to their website, they say the following: “THE GYROMASTERS SINCE 1977”. Well… now It’s a a rather bold statement; however, if you were here… thinking? Taste?

Why is this one of the best Greek restaurants? In Missoula, they are not only the best Gyros show but also the first, first show that opened about 43 years or so ago. They’ve since opened up one more location and are now open on Sundays (great if you live around there). Now, according to them Falafel Sandwich go… This includes falafel on some bread! Yes, it’s a simple sandwich with a simple bakery-style menu (like a local place I called Sparky’s that is no longer open).

Did we happen to receive your Personal favorite Greek restaurant? What is your number one favorite Greek dish? Let’s chat below in the comments! Eat more! Top 10 Greek restaurants to try around the US

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