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Hello sports fans. When we touched base last week, the score of my takedown with the fabulous healthcare organization known as Kaiser Permanente was Kaiser 120, Marla 1.

I gave myself a point for being able to reach at least one live person on the phone. That person didn’t really help me, you know. But I still felt it was an achievement worth celebrating.

Just in case you’re real life and didn’t read my column last week, the subject of my argument is my 25 year old son, Cheetah Boy, who had a horrific scooter accident last month and managed to break almost every bone in his Body.

Because my company gives us a choice of Kaiser Health Insurance or Kaiser Health Insurance, he ended up at Kaiser Southbay Medical Center, which is many miles from me, making the visit difficult. Welcome to compassionate American healthcare.

I’m undergoing high-dose radiation designed to kill some of those pesky cancer cells that have been bugging me for the last three years. As a result, I’m extremely listless and can’t even walk my dog. I get my food delivered and friends drive me around.

So Kaiser decided it was the perfect time to send my badly injured son home so I could take care of him. He cannot walk until his shattered pelvis heals. He has a broken wrist on one side and a broken shoulder on the other. (Don’t ask me what’s what; I can’t even walk the dog.)

Well, let me add that the son wants to come home. In the great wisdom he has acquired in his 25 years on earth, he does not consider it a problem if he needs a sip of water at midnight or if he needs to go to the bathroom at 2 am. Even though I’ve pointed out to him that there’s no one here to help him with these things, except, guess who? Oh yes, me.

So I started arguing with the finery at Kaiser. Many of you have told me that you have had similar battles and lost. Well, I had a secret weapon, and that was a friend who knew how to deal with the State Department of Managed Health Care. This agency is the boss of the HMOs and they have to do what they say. Anyone can file a complaint with them online, and according to their website, 68 percent of them are resolved in favor of the patient. I’m telling you this so you can enjoy it yourself.

We filed a complaint and got it “expedited,” meaning it will be heard sometime before the rapture. Meanwhile, they call Kaiser and ask what’s going on. Also, I’m sure the column I wrote about this mess last week got her attention because suddenly a big cheese in the hospital visited my son in his room and discussed the options.

It’s a long, boring story, but the result was – after an additional week of arguments – Cheetah Boy has gone into a so-called board-and-care in Torrance, which is a private home with 24-hour housekeeping support. There are five or six patients there.

He has a small, stuffy room with an uncomfortable hospital bed but a huge TV. They get three meals a day although I brought extra food as I imagine they are used to feeding seniors not bodybuilders like Cheetah Boy.

There is someone there to help him with basic necessities, as for the first time since his accident nearly a month ago when he was able to dress properly. He wasn’t sad to leave the hospital gown, even though it was printed with cute little surfboards.

The house is attractive, with a large porch and very clean. The sisters are nice. Old Town Torrance is only a block or two away so he can be mobile once he drives off in the electric wheelchair my friend bought us.

He’s not happy being there and he still wants to come home, but realistically that can’t happen until he can walk. Kaiser has agreed to pay his $6,000 monthly room fees for two months, and they send physical therapists to exercise him daily.

It’s not exactly the rehab I had in mind for him, but it’s acceptable, at least for me, if not for him. I should enjoy the fact that he has to do what I say now because it’s been a while since that happened. He’s still mad at me for not letting him come home.

I love my son and I want him here. dog and cat too. But he needs to be able to go to the kitchen and get his own snack. By then he will be in Torrance.

He has an appointment at the hospital tomorrow, so let’s get to know the wonderful world of wheelchair taxis. I will keep you up-to-date.

Current score: Kaiser 60, Marla Jo Fisher 40. The next round of our Healthcare Odyssey – Orange County Register

Adam Bradshaw

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