The exotic animal seller Mimi Erotic, also known as “New Tiger King”, is on the run from the FBI

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Two years ago, our newly imprisoned minds were collectively captured by Joe Exotic, the subject of the 2020 Netflix series King of the Tigers (Never underestimate the power of a trauma bond). And now, a new rising star in the world of illegal pet trafficking is here to occupy our brain space: A 40-year-old exotic pet dealer named Trisha Denise Meyer, who calls herself “Mimi Erotic,” is currently on the run from law enforcement, according to to the Independentlyas she faces four charges in connection with illegally transporting and selling a jaguar cub.

In April 2021, Meyer agreed to sell a Jaguar to a man in California named Abdul Rahman. But Rahman, not knowing how to care for the big cat (who would?), quickly realized he didn’t want to be a jaguar father (who would?) and abandoned her to the lion, tiger and bear sanctuary in Alpine, California. After some investigation, the abandoned cat was traced back to Meyer, who landed her four federal lawsuits of interstate transportation of an endangered species as part of commercial activity, interstate sale of an endangered species, trafficking in prohibited wildlife species, and trafficking in endangered species.

Meyer is currently nowhere to be found. She was last active on her Instagram account, @mimiseroticworldwhere she promotes animals and is posting pics in animal print lingerie in April 2021.

The pet seller’s escapades span a decade, four states, thousands of dollars and many dead animals. And while the details of Meyer’s latest scam are pretty… wild, her antics have always been attention-grabbing. A woman who goes by many aliases—Emily, Mimi, Trissa, and Trisha, to name a few—Meyer got her pet entrepreneurship started in 2010 in Houston, Texas, where she kept 104 dogs in her apartment. Over the years, Meyers has sold exotic cats, dogs (one in particular had a wife who was “fighting for her life”), Kinkajous, and more. Many of the creatures were falsely advertised and had no papers, and some (like a $6,500 monkey and a wolf cub) were very ill and died shortly after being purchased from her.

Things seemed to come to a head for Meyer in 2017. In 2016, after a series of similar stories of illegal deals gone wrong surfaced on an online complaint board, a dissatisfied customer decided to pull the trigger. After trying to buy a $3,000 Savannah kitten from Meyer, which never went through, a California man tipped off Texas police to go to Meyer’s home. What they found at her Houston home — where she also homeschooled her children — was like a scene straight out of her The jungle Book: In addition to her human family, the house was also home to tigers, monkeys, a skunk, and a fox. When the police arrived, the tiger was even walking free. Faced with charges including child endangerment, Meyer fled to Nevada where they were eventually found and their Tigers confiscated.

Corresponding San Antonio news agency KSAT pleaded not guilty to charges of child endangerment but guilty to charges of theft with a two-year deferral. “It was a nightmare for my kids and because the media portrayed me as having a mountain lion in the house, tigers in the house, foxes, skunks, all roaming free, which never happened,” says Meyer said reporter at the time. “It was just a nightmare trying to prove my innocence.” Daily Beast reported that Meyer has never been in prison.

Authorities continue to search for Meyer without clear leads. While her Instagram was previously helpful in tracking her down, that is not the case this time. Rahman faces similar charges for interstate transportation of an endangered species as part of a commercial operation, trafficking in prohibited wildlife species and trafficking in endangered species. As for Amador the Jaguar, he’s living his best life over at Sanctuary. The exotic animal seller Mimi Erotic, also known as “New Tiger King”, is on the run from the FBI

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