The cat (run) and mouse game continues

RuPaul channels George Michael.

RuPaul channels George Michael.
screenshot: RuPaul’s Drag Race

Shocked and dismayed after the elimination of DeJa and Jorgeous, the queens return to the workroom as the newly minted Top 5. Willow notes the historical nature of this double elimination: It’s only the third time Drag Race Herstory following Honey Mahogany and Vivienne Pinay in season five and Dax ExclamationPoint and Laila McQueen in season eight. Daya, for example, is less stunned. She expected a double elimination considering there were seven contestants so close to the finals. While not surprised, Daya admits to fearing a second and possibly final elimination after lip-synching against the person who sent her home the first time and was the lip-synching assassin of the season. After the surprise of losing both Jorgeous and DeJa, the top five immediately start sizing up on each other and try to predict the last four.

RuPaul enters the workroom with the final challenge; suddenly sweet and sentimental, which is slightly annoying, but signals the change of tone of the season as they begin to reminisce about their journey to the crown. The final challenge is complex as RuPaul reveals they will be part of his music video for Catwalk, inspired by George Michael’s “Too freakyThe queens must write and record their own original verses, learn a choreographed dance routine, design a performance look, and try to make RuPaul and Michelle laugh and cry during a tic-tac banter. Daya sums it up best when she says this week’s challenge is about “expressing ourselves in our truest form.”

The queens start writing and designing. Willow plays things close to her chest and refuses to share lyrics. Bosco abstractly ponders channeling Linda Evangelista through her devilish personality. Despite Angeria’s natural singing ability, she decides to rap. She seems excited but hesitant about the prospect. Lady Camden designs a rave-inspired look that she considers her “signature” look. Daya, well, Daya remains as gloriously competitive as ever. The energy in the workroom is that any of them could be in the top four, but one of them has to finish their dream.

While they all agree it could be any combination of the top four queens, Angeria is particularly focused on making it to the top with Willow. This episode is particularly geared towards exploring the friendship between the two, and while it’s been mentioned before, it seems like their friendship has developed more off-camera than it did, leading to an odd pivot. Planting the seed in that narrative thread pays dividends by the end of the episode, though, and at least offers a sense of drama and reward, but it’s still an odd addition. If there was a specific group of best friends forever in Season 14, would it be Angeria and Lady Camden or willow and grain bread.

The tic tac chit chats are really designed for the queens to show humor, heart and humility in the presence of RuPaul and Michelle. As with an interview portion of a pageant, each queen must present herself authentically, revealing her motivations and obstacles, and reflecting on her performance in the competition. After an excellent primal instinct Reference, discuss Bosco’s trajectory. Almost thrown out a few episodes ago, they’re noticing Bosco’s ability to snap back into the competition. She also surprises herself by excelling in comedic challenges. RuPaul begins with some direct honesty when he announces that he didn’t put Daya in the top four. However, Daya knew it would happen. Her general narrative revolved around laser-focused competition, and that drive has served her well. Daya also shows a softer side talk about their diabetes diagnosiss, and by this softness she showed her particular strength as a competitor. Angeria might be the best on a job like this. She uses her natural charm to persuade the judges as she discusses how she hopes to make her parents and drag kids proud. Like Daya, Willow spends time expanding on her illness and challenges. Like Daya, Willow has gained strength from the ordeal and shares that her drag is coming out, or a dark place, and her desire to conquer death. The conversation deepens further as Lady Camden discusses the loss of her brother and the reasons why she left England.

On the set for

On the set for “Catwalk”.
screenshot: RuPaul’s Drag Race

On the day of the shoot, each queen discovers her designed look waiting for her at her workplace. After getting into drag, they arrive on set to find Michelle and her choreographer. Even before the rehearsal begins, Angeria seems nervous. as they get Deeper into the routine, Angeria continues to fight, which worries Willow. With the group number, Angeria misses most of the moves but manages to keep them together with their presence. The queens film their solo segments. Willow and Bosco trade jabs and discuss their accomplishments. Willow hopes Bosco’s performance look will negatively distract from the lyrics. Bosco, on the other hand, notes that Willow is facially separated (what’s wondering is just her natural still face and which can be used to great effect, as in “Bad Boy Baby Baby” and the way it was against her here). Angeria struggles again when she misses a note from Michelle, which Daya quickly uses. Overall, very little time was devoted to producing the music video, which felt like a disservice to the episode.

On elimination day, the queens reminisce about their first impressions of each other. On the main stage, RuPaul walks the runway in one of the potentially most polarizing looks of the season. The bright color blocking and the quilting were reminiscent Maddy Morphosisbut it’s also kind of amazing.

Matching the episode where they decide the last four, the four permanent judges, RuPaul, Michelle, Carson and Ross, guide the critiques after seeing each queen’s development. It feels like an almost ceremonial moment, signaling the end of a very long season.

Laufsteg „Du bist ein Gewinner-Baby“.

You’re a Winner Baby Runway.
screenshot: RuPaul’s Drag Race

The You’re a Winner Baby runway theme is a showcase for each contestant’s best signature drag. Channeling a 1950s burlesque star, Bosco presented a gorgeous and on-brand look. Although the bust didn’t fit exactly, it was a near-perfect look. Angeria’s asymmetrical tiered black look was disappointing. It felt caught between acting drama and sheer simplicity, and in the end it was neither. The judges seemed taken with it, although that was probably due to the typical end-of-season blinders. Daya, on the other hand, fulfilled the brief with her unique take on a crowning gown. It was an odd juxtaposition of Southern debutant and seared punk. It was a look only she would wear, as would her gorgeous performance outfit, presumably inspired by Bettie Page. In perhaps the best look of the night, Lady Camden was a stunning Ice Queen. That and the tutu look make me wonder why she’s bothered with the rave aesthetic when that’s Lady Camden’s ultimate form. As usual, Willow gave the category a shocking and inventive twist, Appears as a beautiful pageant mouse.

After the music video debuted, I wondered why so much of the production was left out. In an episode filled with so many repetitions of past trauma, sad stories and the pathological desire to see contestants cry, it would be more dynamic to see the queens compete. All the work that went into making this video was lost in favor of the queens speaking with images of themselves.

The scoring revolved around three parts: the real challenge, that of the queens The course of the season and her final runway look. In the latter category, the judges are happy, but found Willow’s Performance in the challenge timid and not very present. They continue to focus on the idea of ​​Bosco rising from the ashes of defeat after the golden bar is revealed. Angeria didn’t excel in the challenge either, which is confirmed when RuPaul asks, “Did you have fun?” They complyher final look, but it doesn’t feel authentic. There is agreement that Angeria exudes serenity and charm. Daya is praised for putting her own spin on the look and performance. Likewise, Lady Camden’s style of movement earned her a top spot this week. The judges praised her crazy creativity throughout the competition and in her current look, but found her incoherent in the performance. In a close race between Lady Camden and Daya, Lady Camden is declared the victor. Bosco is safe. In perhaps the season’s most dramatic tailwinds, we have none other than Angeria and Willow.

Friends reunited after lip syncing.

Friends reunited after lip syncing.
screenshot: RuPaul’s Drag Race

This is a frustrating bottom two. It’s probably true, but these are two of its best contenders. They won early challenges but have remained consistently at the top (perhaps with the exception of Snatch Game). The friendship they talked about earlier in the episode is really shown during the lip sync. They both wink at each other as they begin Appearance for Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s duet “Telephone”. Both have an uncanny ability to combine choreographed moves with comedic flair. Difficult to pick an actual winner it seems the same match and They both deserve the top 4 so much. Angeria is declared the winner before Willow is declared the winner as well, with RuPaul saying “bullion bars for everyone”. The second double save of the season. I don’t know how many non-elimination episodes I’ve complained about, but the show proved me wrong: this is a necessary dual experiencee. One last four, right? Correction, The last five just don’t make sense without Angeria or Willow… and Bosco and Daya… and Lady Camden, for that matter. So for the first time in Drag Race your history, Five finalists will compete for the crown.

Scatter Observations:

  • How on earth does Willow only have one win?
  • No makeover challenge?
  • I’d happily trade the conversation with a picture of your younger self for the return of the doll challenge.
  • One takeaway from this season is that the real star might be the camera work. The music video made it clearer, but there’s a lot of experimentation with camera placement and movement this season.
  • It’s odd that Daya didn’t do as well on the reading challenge, but her description of Lady Camden as a “female goblin” was the best read of the season.
  • Do you think one of the producers is called “Destiny” because that’s the only way the golden Bosco bar makes sense.
  • The final should only be Snatch Game – Round 2
  • My top 4 remain: Angeria, Bosco, Daya and Willow. I am also pleased that Lady Camden is also part of it.

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