The best moments from Taylor Swift’s opening night

Taylor Swift performs during the opening night of the Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift opening night The Epoch Tour has officially been and gone, and we now know what she’s performing, what she’s wearing, and what the staging looks like.

It’s fair to say the fans are obsessed. The opening show, held in Swift City, consists of 44 songs from all 10 of Taylor’s albums and lasts more than three hours.

Taylor broke the record for the highest-attended concert by a single artist in US history, filling a stadium with nearly 70,000 Swifties. It was a night to remember, and here are the very best bits.

The setlist

Three hours and 44 songs – that’s a legendary setlist. Divided into subsections for all of her ten albums, Taylor managed to tolerate the big hits (“Anti-Hero,” “Love Story,” “Shake It Off,” etc.), “All Too Good,” etc.).

Her first and third albums Taylor Swift And Speak Nowunfortunately didn’t get as much love as the others, with Taylor only performing one song from each.

Regardless, fans are simply pleased with the monstrous number of tracks she’s crammed into it overall.

The clothes

With a setlist until then The Era Tour‘s, you’d expect a costume change or two. Once again Mrs. Taylor Alison Swift went all out and donned 15 outfits over the course of the evening.

Fans saw beaded bodysuits, a gold floor-length dress, a sparkling silver suit and more.

A big fan favorite was Taylor, who wore the iconic “Not Much Happening Right Now” t-shirt from the “22” music video, but she’d slightly altered it.

At one point during “Midnight Rain,” Taylor even made a quick switch on stage, hiding behind her dancers before revealing that she’d changed from a short silver dress to a sparkly purple fringed bodysuit.

The special effects

If there is a moment from the Epoch Tour that fans can’t stop raving about, it’s the stage jump.

After acoustically performing her debut single “Tim McGraw” in a flowing red dress, Taylor appeared to stand up and dive from center stage to the runway area.

On screen, she appeared to swim through the stage before appearing at the end of the stage in a purple fur coat, launching her latest single, “Lavender Haze.”

Fans are appropriately gagged by the magical stage-dive trick, of which one says, “Say what you will about them, nobody tops this tour.”

“That was visually stunning as… I can imagine it must have been crazy to see that live,” said another.

A third summed it up by suggesting she would “dive into the mother lake.”

The acknowledgment of the lack of Always recognition

Before The Epoch Tour On opening night, rumors circulated that Taylor would not be performing Always traces at all. She put that to bed by performing five, much to the delight of fans.

However, the biggest Always Gag Came In Taylor actually admitted live on stage that she knows fans think she hates the album.

It’s a long-standing joke among the Swifties that Taylor doesn’t like Alwayssince she hasn’t really acknowledged it since its release in 2020.

Discussing the album on stage, she joked, “It’s an album that I absolutely love, despite what some of you guys are saying on TikTok. I’ve seen it, I’ve seen everything.”

The “Bejeweled” choreography

Taylor performed an impressive seven songs from her latest album midnightincluding the fan favorite “Bejeweled”.

Upon the album’s release, one Swiftie in particular went viral on TikTok and started a dance trend with her stunningly simple “Bejeweled” choreography. In A Chef’s Kissing Moment, Taylor actually incorporated the hit choreo into her onstage performance, and fans went wild.

“No, you all don’t get it, I’m the happiest person in the world,” one person yelled over the keyboard.

“MOTHER MOTHER j’adore,” shrieked another.

And pretty much everything else

It’s safe to say that the Swifties are united in their adoration for the Epoch Tour already. If you have a ticket, a great treat awaits you.

The Epoch Tour lasts until August in North America.

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