The Best Apps for Creating Your Own Deep Fakes

You can create deep fakes for your pleasure – to see how your face will look in old age or how you will look as a man if you are a woman, and vice versa. Let’s take a look at the best apps that are good for creating unusual content.


Zao blew up the internet in 2019 and went straight to the top 3 on the App Store in China. The secret of its frenzied popularity is that it allows you to put your face in a scene from your favorite movie and be a character in, say, “Game of Thrones” or “Titanic.” However, the creators quickly ran into problems with the privacy policy.


This is the fastest way to feel like a celebrity. This app can be downloaded for free for both Android and iOS.

Upload a photo or take a selfie and you can use your neural network to step on the bow of the Titanic, moonwalk like Michael Jackson or become an Indian action hero. The mask doesn’t slip, there is no unpleasant “noise” on the face, in your new role you look as natural as possible. But there are too many ads in the app – a 30-second clip after each mask.

By paying for the premium version, you’ll get rid of the ads, and you’ll also get a better image, with faster video download speeds.


Avatarify can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Market. It’s one of the funniest apps out there – you can use it for free for three days, and then you have to pay a subscription fee. But three days is enough time for you to try out all the features and have a lot of fun.

It’s as easy to use as betting via a 20Bet bookie: you just need to upload a photo, and a neural network brings it to life by matching your facial expressions and lip movements to the song you choose.

For fans of the app, there is an interesting option: record your “dancing face” and send it to the creators of the application – the best animated images developers will add to the gallery, where they can be used by other users.


With FacePlay, you can become a character in a comic book or a funny gif – just upload a photo and wait while the artificial intelligence reshapes your facial features in the recognizable image of the manga.

You can take a paired photo with your girlfriend or boyfriend and turn into a “romantic couple” in the car, or you can take a photo with your pet and see how it looks in another world or even in human form. In all, the app offers over 3,000 templates, including images of an elf, a bride in a wedding dress, funny gifs and more.

Most of the GIFs and videos are subscription-only, but some options are free – with limited templates and ads.


FaceSwapLite is one of the free programs that can change your and your friend’s faces online. You can point the camera at two faces and they will switch places in the app. You can take a photo or record a funny video.

You can also put on some pretty simple masks in the app and be Santa, a lion, or a Viking.

FaceSwapLite is a simple app, with no gimmicks, and it’s a bit imprecise in capturing the outline of a face. Still, it’s not bad fun for about ten minutes.


DeepFaceLab has much finer tools, but it’s a paid app and can be a bit hard for beginners to handle. But you can achieve much more impressive results than just swapping faces with a buddy, namely really changing the faces of different people in the video in a way that looks pretty realistic. DeepFaceLab not only changes the face but also allows you to rejuvenate it, and also to adjust the lip movements to the speech.

In the free version, you can fill in two photos and change faces, but it won’t look too believable. You can also add stickers: a cowboy hat or a crown, write text or paint something with a brush.

The paid version offers more advanced features. They’re not easy to master, but there’s a detailed guide on the app’s forum that will help you get a really deep fake.

You can download facesets from the forum. They include Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart, Harrison Ford, and other stars. After downloading the necessary files, you find a video on the Internet with any other person: it’s important that the hero is not involved in dynamic scenes and his face isn’t filmed at sharp angles. It’s desirable to find a video where your chosen actor or actress is in a static position. Further work can be helped by video reviews with detailed instructions, which are not difficult to Google.

Huynh Nguyen

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