Star Wars fans are intriguingly comparing Qui-Gon Jinn to a Game of Thrones favorite.

Qui-Gon Djinn

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There aren’t many similarities between war of stars And game of Thronesbut if you look closely you might notice some parallels.

A surprising comparison was made between two of the most influential characters in both franchises, sparking a discussion among fans. A post on Reddit war of stars sub asked users for their opinion on the similarities between game of Thrones‘Ned Stark and war of starsQui-Gon Jinn, quickly sparking a passionate discussion. The original poster notes that both characters are “selfless, amazing” men whose deaths “started a chain of events … that are felt at almost every moment in the rest of the story.”

Commentators do not necessarily agree. The top comment on the post notes that user Gunnersteele’s question massively oversimplifies both characters by ignoring their many nuances and instead just relying on the obvious. However, their similarities, at least on a superficial level, are undeniable, and the conversation intrigued a number of fans. Summarizing the probable meaning of the original post, one commenter noted that “they are similar in that they are both honorable men whose unjust deaths hang over the whole of their respective stories, and human beings, both in universe and in real life, one often wonders how different things would have been if they had lived.”

Both Qui-Gonn and Ned are killed early in the story, leaving fans wondering if what followed would have been changed by their continued presence. Ned is killed due to his strict adherence to the laws of the land and unwavering loyalty to his own morals, leaving the country torn apart in a war sparked by his death. Qui-Gon, on the other hand, was almost the polar opposite of Ned. He often disagreed with the Jedi Council, and his determination to teach Anakin could have brought him into conflict with the leaders of the Jedi Order.

Ned Stark and Qui Gon Jinn
(L) Game of Thrones (R) Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

His death at Darth Maul’s hands is not a betrayal like Ned’s, but it has ramifications for the entire galaxy. Most of all, many fans feel the events of the future war of stars The stories would have been very different if Qui-Gon had lived long enough to teach Anakin. His more ruthless relationship with the Jedi Order and his refusal to follow the letter of the law would have suited the aspiring Sith perfectly, perhaps even preventing him from turning to the dark side.

Ned’s death, on the other hand, is a necessary element in the game of Thrones Story. Had he survived, the war might never have started and things could have gone on peacefully. Qui-Gon’s death is also necessary, of course, but it’s not the only element driving the story forward. Ned’s death is arguably the main ingredient leading up to the War of the Five Kings.

With that in mind, many fans disagreed with the notion that the men have a lot in common. Her death is the linchpin of both stories, but that’s essentially where all the parallels end. Sure, they’re both inspirational men whose early deaths inspire and advance the story, but at their core, Qui-Gon and Ned couldn’t be more different. Star Wars fans are intriguingly comparing Qui-Gon Jinn to a Game of Thrones favorite.

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