So, Iowa’s new “MOMs” bill is really a “you gotta be a mom” bill

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Iowa Republicans know we’re all sick of this abortion bans swept across the country lately, which is why they want to assure us of their new bill, the More Options for Maternal Support or MOMS billis not it exactly an abortion ban. It’s just a slightly longer-winded approach to pranking pregnant people and shaming those who have abortions.

“We’re not trying to restrict abortions in any way, we’re just trying to make them less common — to give women the support they need to feel safe about making the decision to have that baby,” says Sen .Mark Costello features called the bill.

MOMS, which was passed by the Iowa Senate on Tuesday, would offer $1 million in state funding to so-called crisis pregnancy centers across the state, which are used to often hunt down young, low-income pregnant people seeking abortion services. Many of these anti-abortion centers lure people in with promises of free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, as many states — including Iowa– require people to have costly ultrasound scans before having an abortion. But as soon as they enter, they are subjected to a barrage frightening lies on abortion and contraception, including that abortion causes breast cancer (it doesn’t), that medical abortions can be reversed despite a lack of evidence, and that birth control causes hair loss and memory loss (no???).

In other words, Iowa’s MOMS law might not be a total abortion ban — but it’s still designed to force people to go through unwanted pregnancies and, um, become a MOTHER anyway.

Crisis pregnancy centers have a documented history of lying about the free services they provide: A Recent study In most cases, CPCs do not provide the free pregnancy and pregnancy resources that they claim they do. Rather, the provision of these essential resources is made conditional “on the client’s participation in an earn-while-learn course or counseling, Bible study, temperance workshop, video screening, or other ideological CPC program,” researchers found. CPCs don’t offer “alternatives” to support low-income parents and families who may be considering abortion – they just divert government funds away indeed Resources that could help these families, which is particularly shameful in light of an ongoing national crisis Maternal and Child Mortality Crisis.

At least 10 states Allocation of public funds to CPCs. Recently the Associated Press found that $89 million was allocated to fund CPCs in a dozen states this fiscal year, compared to $17 million a decade ago. And at the same time that Texas passed its sweeping, near-total abortion ban last year, it has given a whopping $100 million to its crisis pregnancy centers — despite evidence of rampant fraud and virtually no transparency into how their money is being spent. Across the country, the Relationship The ratio between crisis pregnancy centers and abortion clinics in the US is currently three to one – an absolute outrage.

CPCs have benefited both from the massive amounts of funding they receive and from our increasingly digitized world to expand their ability to reach vulnerable pregnant people, using targeted ads on search engines and social media to pose as genuine healthcare providers . Their digital presence poses a particularly terrifying threat to the privacy of pregnant people, given the information known to crisis pregnancy center conglomerates like Heartbeat International collect and store about online interactions with people considering abortion.

Today, the widespread collection of personal information from pregnant women by CPCs is popular as well Anti-abortion fertility apps could be used as evidence against pregnant women and abortion providers, as more and more states such as Texas et al Idaho Enact abortion bans that rely on informers, citizen surveillance, and civil lawsuits for enforcement. We’ve been seeing some versions of this for a while: online searches for abortion pills and text messaging have been used in several instances Criminalize people who have lost their pregnancies or induced their own abortions.

Monitoring pregnant people has always been a core job of CPCs, despite their efforts to pose as safe havens for low-income mothers. In 2015, a woman from South Dakota called that a “counselor” at a crisis pregnancy center she attended called her every day for several weeks — sometimes from a limited number — and said she just wanted to “chat.” States like Iowa could claim to help mothers and pregnant women fund CPCs, even going so far as to name a law that would be devastating for access to basic reproductive care: “MOMS.” In reality, by funding these anti-abortion groups, they are providing fodder to gather evidence against and potentially criminalize the mothers and pregnant women they claim to support.

https://jezebel.com/iowas-moms-bill-wants-to-force-you-to-be-a-mom-1848764141 So, Iowa’s new “MOMs” bill is really a “you gotta be a mom” bill

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