Smile horror film survives with strong Sosie Bacon performance

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If you want to be a Nepo baby, you better work. The new horror movie to smile features a stunning performance by Sosie Bacon, who exists only a grade away from Kevin Bacon since he is her father (Kyra Sedgwick is her mother). Parker Finn’s debut film sends its protagonist through hell, and Bacon carries it well, which means her shaky, erratic performance, which is the film’s centerpiece (rare is the shot that’s not aimed at her), does much to help to improve the material quilted from extremely familiar elements.

to smile is cut from the same curse movie stuff as The ring: Rose (Bacon) is a psychiatrist whose patient kills herself in front of her after describing horrific visions of people with demonic smiles. “It feels like humans, but it’s not human,” the patient explains before taking her own life. Powerless to help, Rose is then even more powerless against the curse, which gives her similar hallucinations and a strong desire to commit suicide. Here’s how this social contagion works: someone kills themselves in front of you and asks you to do the same. Rose’s plight is underscored by her virtue – she feuds with her boss, Dr. Morgan Desai (Kal Penn) on his reluctance to treat an uninsured patient. She wouldn’t even have seen the woman who had cursed her if she hadn’t rushed back to her office out of a sense of duty after clocking out for the day when she heard her phone ring. Rose is so dedicated to her job that, as her partner puts it, “she would do it for free.”

The visions Rose sees become increasingly disturbing, and every scenario she enters (even her young nephew’s birthday party) prepares her to die or to humiliate herself by reacting with horror to things that nobody else can see. In his endless poking of his hero, to smile is perhaps most reminiscent of the 1965 film by Roman Polanski rejection (to smile also has a booming, dissonant score and a penchant for artistic, disorienting camerawork, like a crooked drone shot of a forest finally dissolving into an inverted horizon). sure, to smile owes other curse movies about social contagion like The ring and It followsas well as various sources such as Aphex Twins “Window Yummy“Music video and Jamie Lee Curtis Says “Trauma” half a million times while promoting the latest Halloween movies.

smile | Official Trailer (2022 Movie)

Finn (who also wrote the screenplay) bravely fears suicide, and to smile is accordingly a dark film with an unswerving downward spiral of a structure à la candy man. Using such a heavy subject in a popcorn flick doesn’t suit all sensibilities, but by commenting on the generational reverberations of suicide (that’s how Rose’s mother died), Finn tries to do more than exploit the misery. Whether he passes or fails depends on how honest viewers find him to smile.

And Finn has some seriously nifty ideas under his belt, including exploring the unsettling, face-distorting properties of a smile. It’s like a more original exploration of what makes clowns scary, so it hardly feels random when Rose faces this sort of hideous humanoid creature with disproportionate body dimensions It‘s Pennywise loves to transform into himself to torment his victims. “You can’t escape your own mind,” Rose hears. That haunts. Your inability to see as others do is your ultimate downfall. Perception is what haunts them, as is humanity’s sense of civilization in our current solipsistic political climate. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but that seemed like a subtle message embedded in a film that rarely fails to blaze its terror in its audience’s faces and ears.

I was impressed with to smile‘s commitment to desolation, but I didn’t think it was a particularly scary film – it’s sadder than anything, thanks to Bacon’s terror-ridden sale of Rose. The jump scares that are scattered throughout the game like inserted studio notes, though at least one of them was more amusing than any I’ve seen in recent times: after a pause in silence, we cut to the opening of a cat food can, the pop passing through it theater reverberates. Feeding your pet has never been more upsetting. Smile horror film survives with strong Sosie Bacon performance

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