Severance originally had disembodied legs walking around Lumon

Zach Cherry, Britt Lower, John Turturro, and Adam Scott on Severance

Zach Cherry, Britt Lower, John Turturro and Adam Scott continue severance pay
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All in severance pay is just a little off. In the Apple TV+ thriller, we get to know the corporate cult of Lumon, where a team of employees led by Mark (Adam Scott) had chips implanted in their brains that split their memories between personal and professional life.

It might seem like an easy way to ensure work-life balance (or escape eight hours a day of grief if you’re Mark), but the laid-off workers find out that Lumon has entangled them in a sinister conspiracy. Beyond the sci-fi intrigue of this premise, the show amplifies the mystery with its intentionally unsettling aestheticwhere a typical mid-century modern office takes an ominous turn.

Each episode adds a new layer to the unsettling setting, whether it’s a wander through endless identical hallways leading to a room full of baby goats or a sudden death from a baseball bat. In the eighth episodeit turned out that the waffle party The reward for strong quarter-end performance is more about Lumon founder Kier Eagan’s role-playing game eyes wide closed-similar ritual than that it comes to having breakfast for dinner.

In conversation with culture studies, severance pay Creator Dan Erickson revealed that his original vision for the Lumon office was even more disturbing.

“…When [director] ben [Stiller] and I started talking about the show, the original version of the script was much more Brazil,” he said. “It was way more elevated and weirder, and at one point in the script I remember there was a pair of disembodied legs walking by in the background and their characters were all like, ‘What the hell was that?'”

This is a show where John Turturro constantly hallucinating black goo oozing out of his keyboard, so sure, that seems like something that would freak those characters out!

“If you can believe it, we’ve eliminated the weirdness of the show,” Erickson continued. “Ben fell in love with the part of the show that was this weird human sadness of a person who would do this willingly to themselves. What would make you want to spend less time on earth? How bad would it have gotten?”

severance pay is still quite odd, and while the quirkiness of the world-building is definitely part of the appeal, it’s the strength of the characters and emphasis on human connection that has garnered the show a devoted fan base. The season finale and a second season will be available on April 8th on Apple TV+ was just announced.

https://www.avclub.com/severance-disembodied-legs-lumon-office-dan-erickson-1848756996 Severance originally had disembodied legs walking around Lumon

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