Season 3 of Picard is proving to be a swan song worth shouting about

Picard season 3

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Jean-Luc (Patrick Stewart) starts straight out of the gate and leads with his front foot into his final season, in which he will push all boundaries starting February 16th Star Trek: Picard.

After the solid storytelling and intricate storylines that welcomed back on board Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), rogue pilot Raffi (Michelle Hurd) and an enigmatic Q (John de Lancie) for their respective seasons, the third and final promises something special .

Creator Akiva Goldsman (Strange New Worlds), Alex Kurtzmann (discovery), Michael Chabon (wonder boys) and Kirsten Beyer (discovery) make way for showrunner Terry Matalas this time. With Syfy series 12 monkeys as his business card next to it MacGyver On CBS, he feels like a solid bet.

What shows from the start is this Star Trek: Picard intends to go out swinging as this latest outing is peppered The next generation regulars. Jonathan Frakes is both behind and in front of the camera, making a welcome return as Captain Will Riker, who proves to be both a compassionate ally to Jean-Luc and an imperious presence when the need arises.

Either fighting side-by-side with his former captain or exchanging verbal barbs when their relationship gets strained early on, Frakes is a valued addition for this latest run. Not only has he shaped some of the more impressive episodes by balancing visual flair with dramatic depth, but he has also deepened his bond with Stewart through decades of genuine friendship.

Likewise, this is proving to be an impressive return for Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden), who not only proves pivotal from the start, but also brings emotional resonance to her scenes with Jean-Luc. With numerous seasons of TNG behind them, all of which implied an innate physical attraction, Season 3 brings that relationship into focus.

Needless to say, there are numerous Easter eggs scattered throughout this double-digit run that will make die-hard fans salivate. Whether that could be the return of security officer Worf (Michael Dorn), who in Klingon is much more of an elderly statesman than some might remember, or a comeback in Seven of Nine Season 2 – now free of any Borg associations .

However, this return is a return to the old guard star trek Territory matters more than most, as overlapping plots and family revelations somehow feel more personal. In truth, it may take more than a few hours of interstellar introductions to get things moving – but the patience of an enthusiastic audience will be rewarded.

First with an epiphany between ex-Starfleet lovers as secrets are revealed and confessional moments create shockwaves. Then second, when two close friends get into a fight at a pivotal point in the fight, possibly dooming everyone around them to certain death. Picard Season 3 thrives on pulling drama out of the rubble as slowly but surely a greater threat ties these disparate plots together.

With an ancient adversary enforcing violent changes as the stories unfold in tandem, this swan song feels more like a polished audition for Stewart for something else. At no point does the final season feel like a show running on empty ground, as characters are grounded, situations grow organically, and the stakes are raised while maintaining momentum.

Whether subtly commanding ships or tag team interrogations uncover an ungodly truth, Picard leans on heritage while moving forward into the future. We bring together an experienced cast of old friends who slip back into their respective roles without missing a note or fumbling with dramatic tempo changes.

While Jean-Luc begins to come to terms with his own mortality that runs through this series, under Stewart’s tutelage he remains a fascinating creation. Now in his eighth decade, the popular captain retains the vitality that first made him a fan favorite over 35 years ago. With Riker and friends leading the charge into uncharted territory alongside an ever-curious titular hero, this feels like just the tip of a larger dramatic iceberg.

Beyond the intergalactic space battles and moments of quiet introspection, making friends and forging new loyalties, viewers young and old can once again be drawn into the magic of The next generation Crew. There’s a reason why fans remain so loyal to this particular incarnation of star trekwhen there are so many others.

Stewart brought seriousness, decency, and a steely determination to Jean-Luc Picard that earned the franchise respect. He treated his time at the helm with respect, even when the fans rebelled in those early days. Star Trek: Picard is the culmination of that journey, and if this is to be his final frontier, then no one can say he failed to end in style.

Review: Three is the magic number as Star Trek: Picard continues to hit those high notes

Based on some solid performances and great story beats, Star Trek: Picard Season 3 really delivers. Season 3 of Picard is proving to be a swan song worth shouting about

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