Party of personal responsibility blames Herschel Walker’s son amid abortion scandal

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On Monday evening, The daily beast broke the story that Georgia’s Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker allegedly Paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion with a check and sent her a get well card. walker denied the report and threatened to sue for defamation. Somehow, the story just got wilder from there.

Walker’s son and conservative influencer Christian Walker claims in a series of tweets Monday that no one in the former NFL star’s family wanted him to run as it would air the candidate’s “dirty laundry.” This wash involves paternity three more children he has not publicly acknowledged. Christian also claimed that Walker threatened with murder him and his mother, Cindy DeAngelis Grossman. (Grossman was granted a protective order against Walker in 2005 and claimed him put a gun to her head and said he would “blow [her] brain out.”)

The shocking tweets prompted Walker to respond:

But Christian kept going! He announced on Tuesday morning two videos Doubling down on criticism of his father’s Senate campaign. “Family values ​​people: he has four children, four different wives, was not in the house to raise any of them. He had sex with other women. Do you value family values? … That should matter to you all, Conservatives.”

He added that he and his mother were “told at the beginning he was going to move ahead of his past, hold himself accountable, all these different things, and that would have been fine, move on. He didn’t do any of that. Everything was a lie.” Walker closed the first video saying, “Don’t put that on me. This is a candidate problem, not an ego problem. I wouldn’t have spoken out if it wasn’t for all these lies every day.” (Ironically, Walker’s ex-girlfriend said she had come forward on abortion because of his campaign’s strong anti-abortion stance. “I just can’t take the hypocrisy anymore,” she said. “We all deserve better.”)

In which second video, Christian said he ran a campaign event for his father in 2021 and that he had received calls asking him to do more. He said people on the right “called me and said, ‘Why aren’t you on the campaign trail with your dad? Why don’t you help him? That looks weird.” And I calmly told you, ‘I’m not interfering. You don’t know my family life.’”

It’s really amazing to see Republicans crawling over and over again bomb comes out about one of them extremely bad candidates. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) said told reporters in August that he thought Republicans were less likely to win the Senate than the House because “candidate quality‘, a thinly veiled dig at nominees like Walker and Mehmet Oz and at former President Donald Trump, who endorsed She. (McConnell later decreased the comments following criticism from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.)

“I think the House of Representatives is probably more likely to topple than the Senate,” McConnell said. “Senate elections are just different — they’re national, the quality of the candidates has a lot to do with the outcome.” Walker, in particular, lied about being a police officer and an FBI agent, donate corporate profits for welfare, high-school diploma, how many children he has, and now appears to be, about to pay for an abortion.

The ass covering we experience is hilarious. That Constitution of the Atlanta Journal reported Tuesday that a “GOP official close to Walker” was attempting to pre-emptively scapegoat Christian should the contestant eventually lose. “This is a deeply troubled boy with obvious problems of his own… He’s a spoiled brat and if Herschel loses the race, he’s solely to blame.” Uh, sure the contestant seems to be to blame.

Conservative commentator Erick Erickson – who initially contradicted Walker’s denial by saying “I thought we all knew that” – claiming Christian’s statements, not the underlying allegations, are the real problem for the candidate. Ericson said Christian’s tweets Make this saga ‘brutal, probably a KO’ and said Georgia GOP strategists are now ‘pray‘ for Oz to beat John Fetterman in Pennsylvania for a chance to retake the Senate.

So much for the party of personal responsibility. Party of personal responsibility blames Herschel Walker’s son amid abortion scandal

Adam Bradshaw

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