Oh brother, what a trouble!

BE Being alone in life may have made you feel like you were missing out when you grew up as an only child. Maybe you felt the same way and you could have done without arguments, arguments and inferiority complexes.

However, it should be noted that while many people believe that they will lose their life if they do not have siblings, they may not have fully weighed the numerous negative aspects that come with it.

While it’s nice to have siblings, read on to find out why it’s not always a bed of roses. The pros and cons of being brothers or sisters are covered below.


squad forever

Your sibling will always be your sibling, and if you and your sibling get along, you’ll always be friends too. When times get tough, you always have someone to call on. Of course, there will always be rough patches between you, but virtually every sibling relationship has good aspects of friendship, obvious or not.

A place to orient yourself

With them you can discuss topics that you are uncomfortable talking about with your family or maybe even your friends. You may have already been through it more or less, so you may be asking for suggestions and guidance on how to deal with your problems.


Regardless of age, this is something everyone needs, other than affection. The presence of siblings is like a safe haven to hide in. They are constantly there to protect you from both family and other people. Siblings fight, but that doesn’t mean they won’t help you when you need it. For example, if you recently had an argument with someone else, they will still help you, regardless of whether they had to make an effort. They will not only protect you from external conflicts, but will also stand up for you against your parents. For example, if you made a small mistake, they often help convince your parents.



Comparisons can be made not only with strangers or colleagues, but also with siblings, and often in the worst of ways. Comparisons can be made for academic performance, behavior, fashion, and more. There are many factors that lead to sibling comparisons, which can lead to feelings of retribution and jealousy. For example, if one sibling excels academically while the other does not, the sibling who excels academically will take a lot of criticism, even if the other sibling excels in a different field.

No privacy

It might be difficult to get a moment where your siblings are constantly nearby, which is sort of a continuation of the previous scam. Siblings can prevent you from getting enough alone time, whether you’re sharing a room or if your brother is constantly bothering you for no apparent reason. As people age, people increasingly value alone time.

You set the rules

Being the youngest sibling means extra stress when your older siblings are high achievers. Parents can occasionally expect you to emulate them. In contrast, if you have the same teachers as them at school, they are very likely to make comparisons to you.

In summary, siblings have certain disadvantages, but the advantages outweigh them. Instead of having to play alone all the time, siblings can be the ideal antidote to loneliness.

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Caroline Bleakley

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