Murder Of Tasia Stephens And William Stephens: Where Are Yolanda Segura And Zohelin Diaz Now?

The murder of Tasia and William Stephens, two middle-aged temporary parents, stunned Novato, California in December 1988.

Redrum: Love at Any Cost at Investigation Discovery delves deeply into the Stephens’ amazing deaths and carefully makes sense of the horrific incident. We’re here if you’re interested in delving deeper into the details of the case, the character of the perpetrators, and their current whereabouts. So let’s move on, we should start.


How did Tasia and William Stephens die? William Stephens, 45, and Tasia Stephens, 43, have been married for a very long time. In Novato, California, they worked effectively in boutiques and movie stores. Be that as it may, the couple was determined to have a child.

By the time Tracy Medeiros was 17 and living in Massachusetts, she became pregnant and decided to give up her child for the reception as her sweetheart had separated from her and she lacked the assets to really focus on a child to focus point. The Stephens’ distant cousin’s ex introduced Tracy to them around this time.

The pregnant young woman and Tasia and William Stephens coped well, and she spent her first three trimesters at a permanent home for teenage mothers in the nearby town of Santa Rosa, Sonoma County. The couple were available for the child’s introduction to the world and helped the eager mother and baby choose Travis as the child’s name. The Stephenses even covered all of Tracy’s travel and hospital expenses. The Stephenss accepted the newborn child despite the legal imperatives of the admission method, which was postponed in the face of a spate of cases.

By the end of 1988, Tracy had made plans to enjoy special times of the year with her birth child. When Novato police told her the Stephens had been found shot dead in her bed on December 14, 1988, it was an overwhelming shock. In any case, the baby was completely safe despite being eager and alone for nearly 24 hours, according to police. After hearing the news, Tracy said, “My reality has been completely shattered.” What am I going to do with the baby, I wondered? “I adore him, I claim he should accompany me,” I thought.

Who killed Tasia and William Stephens? From the beginning, the specialists could not agree on a reason for the double manslaughter. Nonetheless, Yolanda Segura, the missing housekeeper, immediately emerged as her prime suspect based on the evidence found at the scene of the wrongdoing.

Further inquiries led to the disclosure of additional evidence at the loft in San Rafael, California, which Yolanda shared with her sweetheart. The analysts submitted brochures and promotions asking for niceties about the two.

A night attendant at an inn in Daly City, San Mateo County, called police more than seven days after the incident to inquire about the couple’s whereabouts. Through the photos shown on TV, the inn representative had the opportunity to recognize the couple who stayed there.

This is how the police detained Yolanda and her 25-year-old sweetheart, Zohelin Diaz, on December 21, 1988. A programmed Type 25 weapon was found in Diaz’s hilt the hour of her capture.

Although no grand explanation was given, Novato police accepted that Yolanda had disclosed to Diaz that she was allegedly being physically bugged at her bosses’ premises. Regardless, reports guaranteed the examiners accepted that Yolanda may have made up the story to hide how the Stephens ended it.

They were illegal migrants from Guatemala named Yolanda and Diaz. Thus, the FBI was additionally tasked with the manslaughter investigation, but implicitly. According to the reports, none of the accused had a criminal record. Despite this, Diaz was proactively jailed for attempting to enter the country illegally.

Where could Yolanda Segura and Zohelin Diaz be today? Regardless of the court’s confirmation of the accused couple’s honesty, the jury was not convinced. Yolanda was sentenced to 6 years in prison after being found genuinely guilty of murder.

Diaz was jailed for life after being found guilty of first-degree murder, but it was later expressed that he ended it all. Yolanda is said to have been freed from prison and is currently in the dark, but she appears to be keeping quiet about her own life. A Marin County judge placed the baby in a children’s home after the Stephens’ murder.

Tracy mentioned Travis’s authority, but the Stephens family objected. The Juvenile Commissioner of the Superior Court did not entirely set in stone on January 3, 1989 that the Stephens were not Travis’ legal guardians, given that the reception was pending at all times.

Tracy received foster care privileges from Shapiro on the condition that she attend foster care programs and, after six months, file monthly reports for court assessment. Tracy is reported to have worked at a state psychiatric emergency clinic while living with her mother in Billerica, Massachusetts. She had arranged full-time childcare for Travis so she could keep working.

https://www.tvguidetime.com/people/tasia-stephens-and-william-stephens-murders-where-are-yolanda-segura-and-zohelin-diaz-now-383556.html Murder Of Tasia Stephens And William Stephens: Where Are Yolanda Segura And Zohelin Diaz Now?

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