Morbius shows that Sony is trying too hard with the Sinister Six

The Sinister Six in an episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man.

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Cinematic universes are hard to come by, with only two full-blown successes in the form of the original Universal Monsters and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That hasn’t stopped many from getting in on the action in a variety of ways, Set up sequels and planned transitions that ultimately don’t lead somewhere. few put as much effort into Spider-Man and that as Sony did characters in its orbit.

Since Sony Has Sharing Tom Holland’s Peter Parker with Marvel Studios for the foreseeable future is the studio try it most difficult to ensure can have his own strong live action cinema standing without Holland’s wallcrawler in the picture. After pitching big with poison, the mild, $84 million success of disease‘ Opening weekend and next year Kraven the Hunter help Sony set it up to a final it’S had his eyes for some time: the Sinister Six.

First published in January 1964 The Amazing Spider-Man Yearbook #1 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, The team is exactly what it says it is. Six enemies of Spider-Man – Kraven, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Vulture, Mysterio and Sandman for the original lineup – got tired of being beaten up by him alone and decided to team up… At this point he hit her again. The Six are a fairly recurring threat to Spider-Man, regularly rotating members with each new incarnation (at one point the team doubled to become the Sinister 12). More recently, 36 villains broke up in the comics in six teams from Sinister Six during the “Sinister War” arc and held a contest to see who could defeat Spider-Man first. Over the years, the Sinister Six have managed to become popular themselves, and at one point they were able to title their own comic in the form of 2013’s lover Superior enemies of Spider-Man by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber.

So you can see why Sony wants to bring six of Spider-Man’s well-known foes together for a film they’ve been trying to make for almost a decade. in the 2014, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 infamously beefed up the Sinister Six in its credits by revealing their technology-based abilities and roster ahead of a scheduled time movie that never came The MCU has twice flirted with the idea of ​​bringing the Six on board; first Spider-Man: Homecoming about Vulture (Michael Keaton) and other criminals in his crew, then again last year Spider-Man: No Way Home which brought five villains from Spidey’s cinematic past (and also Tom Hardy’s Venom, for a quick gag and Spiderman 4 tease). So far, disease is the most naked (and amazingly stupid) Give it a try, thanks to Doctor Strange’s spell at the end no way home Keaton’s Vulture lands in the universe housing Venom and Jared Leto’s dhampir. And since he’s a free man in this world, owing nothing to his Peter Parker, he asks Morbius if he’d like to join in to kick the ass of this world’s currently unknown Spider-Man.

It’s a gloriously insignificant reason to start a supervillain group, but for some reason it feels heavy to get excited about the prospect of the Six in live action. While MCU villains have seen a resurgence in recent years, it feels like the more of them you have, the easier it is for you to have at least one loser among them. Look at No way home For example, Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman and Rhys Ifans’ Lizard are not as crucial to the plot of this film as Willem Dafoe’s Goblin, Alfred Molina’s Ock and Jamie Foxx’s Electro. She’re there because of the film’s weak bondage of the villains, all destined to die against Spider-Man (which these two don’t do in their respective films), so you could cut the pair out of the film entirely and actually not change much would.

Also unhelpful is that animation and video games have managed to make the six much better. Spider-Man cartoons over the decades have generally made the team one of the hero’s earliest threats to contend with on his rise to greatness. In the first season of The Spectacular Spider-Man, many of The team’s villains were initially given space to exist as normal people before being placed in the super villain group, after which they leavea solo episode in itself. When they finallyme together By the end of the season it felt deserved because by that point they were given solid characterization and their respective actors brought her to life so well.

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The same goes for Insomniacs 2018 Spiderman Game: Most of the villains that make up the Six have already been removed from the webslinger off-screen earlier in his career, something that became established in his opening moments. Because the game doesn’t make their alliance the focus of the story, having them all stand together feels like a real escalation. But as the villains ravage New York, Insomniac doesn’t lose focus on its two main villains, Mr. Negative and Doc Ock – Electro, Vulture, Scorpion and Rhino exist comfortably as their lieutenants and don’t risk overpowering the story. When it comes to fighting the Six, the smartest have to go first Game makes by pairing up the less plot critical villains for a mission aPiece (Electro and Vulture, then Scorpion and Rhino), while Negative and Octopus are left to their own devices to complete the game’s final missions. All in all, maybe it is best Way of dealing with the Sinister Six in any Spider-Man medium, as each villain feels like a believable threat on their own, while being around just long enough for you not to get fed up with them.

What will continue to doom Sony’s repeated attempts to bring the Sinister Six to screens is that the studio is too high out of his own, very limited supply. Most of the world is aware of that Sony Has to play nice with marvel and get along with the Spider-Man characters it does Own, it’s easy to smell the desperation that emanates from them when trying to make films for characters like Madame Web. But when trying to build it Sony’s own cinematic universe ignores the lessons from Amount-fallen like spider verse and poison: People will watch any superhero movie you make if you give them characters and actors that are compelling to watch for two hours. building that takes time and patiencesomething Sony isn’t interested in at all. Sooner or later it willI’ll learn that the hard way the more post-credits scenes there are tries to stuff, the more it ruins the odds of his rogue cabal reality.

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