Madison Cawthorn invokes Burger King to justify his transphobia

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Written down Cocaine and Orgy Snitch Madison Cawthorn continues to speak publicly, for some reason. This time, Cawthorn delivered in the face of his bizarre claims that he was invited by Republican colleagues to participate in “sexual gatherings” just days ago a transphobic tirade on the House Floor Monday, invoking Burger King’s slogan and calling penises “tallywackers.”

“Your left movement forces children to endure radical expressions of sexuality, and yet you cannot even define what a woman is,” Cawthorn called. “You can change a bill, but never the biology. Science isn’t Burger King, you can’t just have it like that.”

then he addressed Speaker Pelosi directly: “Madame speaker take notes, I’m about to define what a female is to you: XX chromosomes, no tallywacker. It is so easy.”

At just 26, Cawthorn — who, for what it’s worth — still can rely on his parents close his car payments and actually signs his name like this— actually used “tallywacker” as a euphemism for a penis. Is he 26 or 80? It’s unclear.

Equally important here is Cawthorn (who once referred to women as “earthen vessels”) and his Republican peers may be trying to brand themselves as pro-science when it comes to finding a reason to justify dehumanizing LGBTQ people — yet, not only scientists and health professionals a lot of support gender-affirming health care, including for children, but Republicans like Cawthorn are not exactly Nobel Prize winners themselves.

After all, this is the same party that denies reality climate change and thinks abortion is reversible. So that we understand each other: republican obsessing over the genitals of trans kids (oddly enough while pretending to be the anti-pedophilia party) and try to eliminate them because of their obsessive need to monitor and control the bodies and lives of marginalized people – not out of respect for science.

Maybe that’s a cynical bite, but I’m inclined to think Cawthorn was pursuing an agenda with this whole performance that included catchphrases like “Burger King” and “Tallywacker,” and it wasn’t just transphobia. Last week was one rough for the North Carolina Republican, who he was told by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that he “needs to turn his life around.”” and be chewed by members of his own caucus. IIf there is a reliable way to change the subject and get back in the good graces of his party leadership by ranting about the tallywfield of queer and trans kids on the floor of the house.

https://jezebel.com/rep-madison-cawthorn-refers-to-penises-as-tallywackers-1848747131 Madison Cawthorn invokes Burger King to justify his transphobia

Andrew Schnitker

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