LOTR is much shorter with only scenes passing the Bechdel test

Wow, no need to suddenly get so emotional.

You can’t build a big, fancy fantasy castle out of corner stones alone. Well, maybe you can… Since this is a “fantasy” we are talking about here, which implies that you can make whatever rules you want. But it wouldn’t be very Interesting nice lock, isn’t it?

Okay, look – we’re a pop culture news site, not a purveyor of fantastical allegory. What we’re trying to say with this clumsy metaphor is that basic lyrics are great and all, but it’s important to contextualize them to support often larger, more complex, and diverse stories. Case in point: Both by JRR Tolkien Lord of the Rings trilogy and Peter Jackson’s damn faithful adaptations. Sure, they remain compelling, grand narratives of classic good versus evil, but in a modern cultural landscape, they remain just a tad testosterone-heavy…

That said, all the male characters get big, beefy boy roles, while the females are largely marginalized, save for a few scenes. If women are In a scene, it usually only refers to the male humans, dwarves, elves, and hobbits around them. Here, Check out this handy “supercut”. from Jackson’s film trilogy, which only contains scenes in which two women talk about something that has nothing to do with men, also known as the Bechdel test.

“Where’s Mama?”

A line of dialogue. A. Technically two if you count Eowyn’s “Shhh” that follows. That’s damn sparse, even considering Tolkien’s patriarchal fantasy setting constructed in the early 20th century. And before our comments section becomes inundated with angry Tolkienists eager to throw out conflicting evidence that Middle-earth is a wondrous place of equality and universal suffrage, let’s just put a resounding “You’re still dead wrong” in reply offer.

Anyway, like we said before, it’s all about cornerstones. Lord of the rings is great, but it can only be really great if we can critique it in context and fairly. At least that seems pretty safe the upcoming Amazon Prime series, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, will update the gender and racial dynamics of Middle-earth at least a little bit, so we’ll have a lot of women and minorities uttering throwaway lines like “Where’s Mama?” in just a few months.

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