‘Linewife’ and ‘Bucket Bunny’ niche Tiktok drama explained

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Cleanup efforts have begun, particularly on the state’s power grid, after the devastating hurricane that hit Florida last week. It’s a lot of work, and emergency workers — who maintain power lines — have been called from across the region to help. So far, this is a fairly common operating procedure after a storm. But in 2022, nothing is too banal for the algorithm, and this week tick tock taught me about another danger beating on the Sun State: an epic showdown between bucket bunnies and liner women.

Well, if your answer is “KR, bucket-what and who-wives???” Well…I take that as an invitation to explain everything to you.

“Line wives,” as you might have guessed, are the wives of the line workers sent to reconstruct the electrical framework of the affected area. The job is very dangerous and time-consuming. As someone who is afraid of walking the carpet in wool socks, I have nothing but respect for people who make a living from cables. Even high up in a small bucket? Honey, that sounds like a stationary ferris wheel with the added bonus of potential electrocution. I can’t guarantee that these are good men – and in fact, according to a significant portion of the TikToks who made their wives, many of them are complete assholes – but of course they do good and important work nonetheless.

Now we have “bucket bunnies,” aka the wives — and yes, that seems to be a problem that only plagues straights — who “hop” from bucket to bucket, sleep with traveling linemen, and chase their union checks and hazard pay with no regard on the marital status of the lineman. According to Tiktok, they are the villains of this saga.

The drama all started when she was living in Florida @emilyhosein1 (who doesn’t identify herself as a Bucket Bunny but has been referred to as one) posted a TikTok showing how her Tinder was full of linemen around town to restore power. Other users have filmed– seemingly behind bushes, which at least feels pretty awkward – the linemen gathering in front of their hotels.

These tiktoks started the mess of live wires being line women who have now taken a break from theirs busy schedule as a liner woman Getting TikToks to explain how hard it is to be a liner woman. (There were also some side dramas where the guys on Tinder were married, but I just can’t get into that another cheating scandal for now.) In a TikTok a woman solemnly packs her husband’s suitcase with jeans and sweatshirts with the inscription “unfortunately, if you’re a liner woman, you know what I’m doing right now.” My guess is: you’re packing your husband’s suitcase. I’m neither a liner nor a genius, but I would argue that a man heading to work while his wife holds the fort is an easily recognizable expression. Still, I’m invested in the melodrama.

Another line woman filmed a TikTok of herself stomp outside to an empty driveway to show that This is the reality of line women: your man will be gone most of the time. Similarly, another Lineswoman explained that most Lineswomen’s lives are filled with explain to their family and friends that her husband is not at an event because he is a linesman.

If I’ve learned one thing from this saga, it’s that being a lineman isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle, and the difficulty of the lineman lifestyle comes second to the difficulty of the linewoman lifestyle. Line marriages are the institution that maintains the Storm Response infrastructure. From the couch on on which I lie horizontally, with the phone two inches from my weak eyes, I greet them.

Interestingly, the drama Not focused on bucket hares, which posed a real threat to line marriages; Rather, bucket bunnies don’t have what it takes to be line women. Do you know how to cook a lineman steak? No! Do you know how to pack lunch for a lineman? No! You know the pain of an empty driveway? No! You are not made for this lifestyle! They didn’t even consider how one lineswoman pointed out that when they want to meet with a linesman, they will be in a motel room where four other linesmen are sleeping. (Though I don’t want to exclude the joy this particular situation might bring to our perverted bucket bunnies and linemen.)

Aside from the pride and community of the bulldog line women, I have a hard time seeing the benefits. But like other niche community dramas that TikTok has provided a window to (Hello #BamaRush), I will carefully consider the perspectives of all parties involved. Once again, social media is delivering on its promise of showing us the fascinating lives of others.

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