Lindsey Lohan’s Falling for Christmas is the perfect antidote to voter fatigue

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If, like me, you’ve spent your whole day Wednesday and Update Twitter on Thursday to see if Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) lost her house seat (still waiting)may I recommend a fluffy little Christmas comedy to soothe your weary mind?

On Thursday, Lindsey Lohan celebrated her triumphant return to movies with Netflix’s vacation rom-com. In love with Christmas. To use a phrase that Lohan’s millennial female fan demographic would best understand, the actor’s Jupiter sign must be Capricorn in the 10th house, because her career is heating up! For fans like me who grew up watching the redhead star steal the screen in cult classics The parent trap, Crazy Fridayand mean girls, Lohan’s reappearance as a leading lady feels overdue.

In love with Christmas is a saccharine holiday film that hits all the right notes of an incredibly easy-to-sing song. Does “Jingle Bells” less fun just because a baby can sing it? No! Is Jake (played by Chord Overstreet – crazy name but fitting for someone last seen joy) a widow? Of course. Does he have a daughter Avy (Olivia Monet Perez) So commercially beautiful that her face makes me fall in the uncanny valley? Yes. Is this rural northern ski resort as diverse as the UN? Oui. Does Jake keep a spooky Christmas angel in his desk drawer because it reminds him of his late wife? Would it be a film about the magic of Christmas if it didn’t?

Both critics and fans seem to be welcoming Lohan back with enthusiasm – arguably too much enthusiasm. IndieWirealthough jokingly, compared In love with Christmas to Citizen Kane. But I understand! I didn’t care that much if This movie was “Well” as I was excited to see the return of the prodigal daughter. And for what it was, charming cellophane candy cane cinema, In love with Christmas is great! I laughed. I was delighted. I could fold my clean laundry and text back to my friends while still being able to easily follow what’s happening. Movies like this matter to.

Sierra (Lohan) is a glamorous hotel heiress (for any movie fan reading between the lines, you can’t ignore the reference to Lohan’s former boyfriend, Paris Hilton), whose concerned father appoints her as the resorts Director of Atmosphere—a fluffy position to hopefully give her life more direction. Well, one direction it’s going is DOWN. Literally. When her social media-obsessed boyfriend Tad (George Young) proposes to her on a mountaintop, a gust of wind knocks her off the top. In the first of many slapstick routines, Sierra falls down the mountain and cracks her head. At that point, I thought to myself, “NIt’s not so funny that Sonny Bono died like that.”

Who will find her injured corpse? Jake of course the hot Cabin owners nearby. As it is confirmed that unfortunately Sierra hit the part of her head that takes you Eternal Sunshine-memory loss, Jake offers to include her in his fight-but-charming ski lodge. The real question, of course, is does he have room for her…in his heart? Now bearing the name of Avy’s stuffed animal, Sarah, Sierra must reckon with her own usefulness in life. She eventually learns how to make a bed, eat bacon, flip pancakes – you know, the simple things. But she’s not the only one with apparent memory loss: It doesn’t appear to be one of her confidants in the fancy ski lodge remember it you ever existed. Her father didn’t find out that she was missing until an hour into the film. and we see the faintest glimmer of Liam Neeson’s spirit in it out of stock twinkle in his eyes.

Lohan is adorable throughout the strip. Her mouth is kind of stuck in a happy smile, apart from the few times it’s confused (re: no memory), and it’s a joy to watch. There’s obviously nothing challenging about the film or its genre, but it seems like the perfect gentle nudge back into full-time acting for a once lover Childhood star who’s seen her fair share of personal drama over the past decade. Win or lose (this movie won’t win any awards), what matters is that Lohan looks like she’s having a great time.

Of course in the end (WARNING SPOILERS)Sarah/Sierra’s memory returns, and their senses too. She leaves Tad and chooses Jake. Tad is mostly unfa.sed, and I personally hope he continues to explore the homoerotic undertones his character has waded into throughout the film. Jake’s ski lodge is saved from bankruptcy by the ski town’s compassionate and versatile locals. Hopefully he learns his lesson that he should force people to stay at the lodge and for that ski lessons

It’s the happy ending we all wanted and, much like Lohan’s personal story arc, the danger it doesn’t come together makes it even harder for us. Lindsey Lohan’s Falling for Christmas is the perfect antidote to voter fatigue

Adam Bradshaw

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