Let’s revisit the 1995 action film that was filmed to satirize Jackie Chan

Jet Li tries to stabilize Jackie Chan-inspired character Frankie Lone while filming a stunt.

Filmmaker Wong Jing, a prominent Number In the 80s and 90s collaborated with the Hong Kong cinema boom Jackie Chan on the 1993 live-action adaptation city ​​hunter. The film was released and did very well at the box office.

Still, Jing wasn’t happy with how things had turned out. In fact, he was so unhappy that he released another film two years later, High riskthat played the main role Jet Li and marks perhaps the most lavish insults to a former employee ever created.

Youtube channel Accented cinema wrote this story of professional revenge in a new video. The clip explains that Chan talked a lot of abuse city ​​hunter after its release publicly stated that the film’s comedy was too youthful for his liking, which infuriated Wong enough that he continued High risk to put Chan down a peg or two.

Someone Made a Movie to Diss Jackie Chan | video essay

Across from Kit Li, Jet Li’s heroic bodyguard, is Jacky Cheung’s Frankie Lone, an out-of-universe action movie star whom Li’s character must protect while navigating his way through a terrorist conspiracy. The jokes made at Frankie’s behest sometimes reference Bruce Lee parodies (a clip of him yelling at a cockroach in fear is used for the fight dub of a movie fight scene), but the Chan-specific jokes are more pointed. And emphasizes common.

As Accented Cinema’s video shows, Frankie wears a stunt team uniform similar to that of Chan and his crew in real life, bears a similar-sounding “Frankie,” and has a manager named Charlie after Chan’s real-life manager, Willie Chan Chi-Keung .

Frankie, whom audiences are immediately drawn to as a Chan analogue, is portrayed as a real scumbag throughout the film. On the set he is often drunk, arrogant and unprofessional. The most serious accusation in the world of action movies is that Chan, portrayed as Frankie, doesn’t do his own stunts.

Chan is known for the truthfulness of these characterizations sleeping around and cheating on his wife and I once fell into a concert drunk, but even Jing himself is featured in the clip saying that the actor is very professional and devoted to his work. The fake stunt charge is a more complicated (and likely cheaper) dig. Accented Video reveals that while Chan performs most of his stunts, his films are full of doubles filling in for extra takes, moves he doesn’t get perfect, and periods when he’s injured.

while using High risk To point out that Chan’s action film career, no matter how impressive, is the result of the efforts of a real human and not the efforts of an unbreakable robot, which could have hurt Chan’s career, things seem to have been going well for him anyway. Spring, to the the most Part at least.

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