Kevin Can F**K Himself Season 2 Episode 6 The Machine Recap

Annie Murphy and Mary Hollis Inboden in Season 2 of Kevin Can F**K Himself

Annie Murphy and Mary Hollis Inboden in Kevin can fuck himself season 2
photo: Robert Clark/Stalwart Productions/AMC Studios

Kevin can fuck himself‘s sixth episode does a great job establishing a fact that I now wish season two had spent more time developing. If Allison changes her identity and escapes Worcester (because she believes it’s the only way to escape Kevin permanently), she won’t just leave him behind. After 10 years of loneliness, Allison has formed an unbreakable bond with Patty, reconnected with her Aunt Diane and found a friend in her ex Sam. She hasn’t realized it yet, but she would give it up if she tried to start over. Is the sacrifice worth it? At the end of “The Machine” KCFH makes the case that it isn’t.

Making it believable that Allison wants to stay in her hometown is a daunting challenge. Up to this point, she has only hatched escape plans and constantly expresses her hatred for a place that is holding her captive forever. She spends season two breaking into funeral homes and town halls to obtain Gertrude Fronch’s death certificate and assume her identity. In the end, now that she has it and therefore the means to go, the sudden change in her perspective is staggering but understandable – she would be giving up the only life she has ever known. but KCFH must then find an explanation for why she decides not to go.

The most effective was the focus of Allison and Diane’s interactions. It was incredibly heartfelt to finally see Allison (at last) find common ground with the only family member who is still close to her. In season one, Diane was hardly a supporting character who, while aware of Kevin’s flaws, encouraged Allison to stick with him. The rationale was according to the motto “That’s what we women do”. However, Diane begins season two by finding out that her own husband is cheating on her. She lives the same life that her niece is desperate to escape. And when she walks away briefly, Chuck pulls Diane back into his world, just as Allison feared Kevin would if she ever left him. No wonder Diane finds solace in Neil’s arms. What is a pleasant surprise, however, is Allison’s reaction when she found out.

She doesn’t blame her aunt for getting involved with Neil, who, let’s not forget, physically assaulted her in the Season 1 finale (a fact Diane is unaware of). He’s also spent years under Kevin’s tutelage, vocally supporting and getting involved in his ridiculous actions. It’s only when Allison and Patty pull the rug out from under him that Neil begins to reconsider his toxic friendship, eventually turning to Diane for company. They are two lost souls who would otherwise find solace in a bottle of alcohol (Neil seems to still do). When Allison spots her making out at the bar, she tries to talk to her aunt about it. They end up having a heart-to-heart talk, during which Diane explains herself by simply saying, “He was here. It’s not much, but it’s something.” She indirectly calls out Allison for only focusing on her problems.

Of course, Allison does her due diligence by warning Diane that Neil is still going through something important and may not be right for her. But she just wants her to be happy. Neil proves Allison’s point by dumping Diane instead of meeting her at her secret motel hideout. Confronting this decision and Neil spurs Diane to loan Allison a whole lot of money so she can go on her “vacation.” The two women reconcile in a way they’ve never done before. I just wonder why more time wasn’t devoted to this intriguing connection.

Annie Murphy and Jamie Denbo in the second season of Kevin Can F**K Himself

Annie Murphy and Jamie Denbo will be there Kevin can fuck himself sseason two
photo: Robert Clark/Stalwart Productions/AMC Studios

Allison would have to let go of Patty too, and that’s probably the biggest hurdle for her. Her decision to remain in Worcester comes after Tammy confronted her about the Vermont taping. (Did Tammy show her to test Allison or out of genuine concern? I think it’s the former). But instead of leaving Patty alone to deal with the results of Tammy’s investigation, she decides to change her problem Getting Kevin to deal with it instead. She realizes that turning the tables on Kevin’s narcissism could benefit her.

Case in point: He complains that she’s not there to clean up after him. When Allison refuses to do the dirty work because she’s going to do it during her day job at Bev’s Diner, Kevin does the impossible again. He complains to Sam’s wife Jenn about how their respective spouses work until midnight. How interesting would it have been to see that conversation? It doesn’t help that Kevin blurts out that he knows about their problems since he knows Sam sleeps at the diner some nights. Even if we don’t see him doing it, the damage is done. Sam and Jenn are ending their marriage, and while Sam is at least happy about it, its uproarah is in danger because her parents lent him the money to do it.

Kevin’s interference proves to Allison that she could use his selfish nature to her advantage and get rid of Tammy by somehow throwing her off the case or the police force altogether. Does she know that he fired the reporter (and her former classmate) who wrote the article about her? Obviously he’s capable of anything. Still, it’s an extreme move for her, and her warped thought process will justify it as an attempt to save Patty and herself. And if nobody’s after them, she could possibly stay in Worcester. But what would she do with Kevin then, or is she hoping he’ll be locked away for anything he might do to Tammy? KCFH has only two – two!! – Episodes to find out.

Scatter Observations:

  • Kevin buying an indoor bathtub when they don’t have money or space due to his mess is sitcom husbands biggest crap.
  • Kevin getting a fucking STOP sign removed instead of waking up and getting to work on time is the most selfish male kid around Damn. He hadn’t considered how many accidents this would cause, let alone his own wife and her boss/lover getting a T-bone over it. And he didn’t even notice when she was hurt.
  • Kudos to Annie Murphy for a fantastic performance, especially when she enters them A house, sees the stolen sign that caused her crash and laughs out loud.
  • I love the slow build-up of Pete, who is deeply frustrated by Kevin’s ineptitude, largely because he has found a partner in Doris. if KCFH Had I had a few more trips I would have appreciated a breakdown of her past before Allison and how Kevin was formed into the asshole he is now. On the other hand, I’m happy to just take the advice of the show’s title as well.
  • Allison and Patty drinking together while Patty fixes her broken shoulder was my second favorite scene of the episode. It was a great demonstration of the ease that their friendship brings to each of them.
  • Or is it just friendship? Let’s just check out this conversation between them about Tammy:
    Patty: “She’s just jealous.”
    Allison: “Because we’re friends?”
    No, babes, it’s because she suspects some lingering feelings there. But the show hasn’t directly confirmed or denied this just yet.
  • Sam is now fully ok with Allison’s plans and I’m glad they didn’t throw in a romantic relationship there. It would have been too much.
  • Eventually every episode that begins with the dismissal of a journalist? Trigger, I tell you. Kevin Can F**K Himself Season 2 Episode 6 The Machine Recap

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