Keir Starmer: Public clean energy company based in Scotland

The Labor leader laid out his proposal to create Great British Energy (GBN) during his party conference speech in Liverpool last year as part of a strategy to turn the UK into a clean energy superpower.

He informed attendees that the company would be formed in the first year of a Labor government should the party win the next general election and has now announced that the headquarters would be based in Scotland.

Sir Keir will set out his party’s vision of delivering cheaper, zero-carbon energy by 2030 in a joint statement on Monday alongside Scottish Labor leader Anas Sarwar.

The two leaders are expected to set out how the Labor Party’s Green Prosperity Plan will deliver three key benefits for Scotland: building on Scotland’s energy and industrial history; doubling the number of jobs in low-carbon sectors; and creating a clean energy system by 2030, which would save Scottish households £8.4 billion over that time.

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Sir Keir will say: “The path to making Britain a clean energy superpower, cutting energy bills and creating tens of thousands of quality jobs, lies through Scotland.”

“That is why GB Energy, our public energy company, will be headquartered in Scotland, the heart of the UK energy industry.

“I mean it when I say our energy plans are being made in Scotland – bringing down energy bills for Scottish families and creating jobs and investment in Scottish communities that have been let down by the SNP and Conservatives for far too long .

“When it comes to capitalizing on Scotland’s energy resources, the SNP government has been chasing the headlines for 15 years but hasn’t gotten the job done.

“A workforce will ensure lower bills, good jobs and energy security for Scotland and the whole of the UK as the UK leads the world in the fight against climate change.”


Anas Sarvar

Mr Sarwar said: “I am committed to leaving our children and future generations a better planet than we have now.”

“But in order to achieve this, we must root out our two bad governments and take urgent action because we are running out of time.

“What we are announcing today is the boldest energy plan Scotland and the whole of the UK have seen in generations – delivering a clean energy revolution by 2030.”

“It will create 50,000 clean energy jobs in Scotland and lower bills for working people.

“I’m pleased to report that this is also a UK public energy company – based here in Scotland.

“GB Energy, backed by the strength of the UK Treasury, will make strategic investments to maximize our opportunities and bring jobs and prosperity to Scotland.

“A Labor government will unlock Scotland’s enormous energy potential by making these strategic investments – this is the change Scotland needs.”

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SNP energy security and net zero spokesman Alan Brown MP said: “Whether it’s the Tories or the pro-Brexit Labor Party, Westminster politicians have used Scotland as an energy cash cow for decades, so the pretense is that they suddenly want to provide a strategy for it.” Scotland is ridiculous now.

“In Scotland, the damage of Westminster control has already been done. Keir Starmer’s piecemeal proposal is too little, too late – and shows exactly why Scotland needs the full powers of independence.

“Westminster governments have failed for decades to make proper use of Scotland’s immense energy resources and people across Scotland have paid the price. The promise of a UK energy headquarters does not make up for decades of wasted oil and gas revenues.

“The SNP takes seriously the transformative potential of green energy for Scotland’s success as part of a just transition – and the Scottish Government’s ambitious ScotWind project and £500m Just Transition Fund are testament to that. But we want to go further.

“Labor is pro-Brexit, Scotland is not. This means that a British Labor government will continue to ignore the needs, interests and aspirations of the people across Scotland and will actively pursue policies that damage our interests.

“It couldn’t be clearer that Scotland needs full independence to provide clean, green and affordable renewable energy for the benefit of the people who live and work here.”

Grace Reader

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