Kansas man offers up his home, dives into retirement savings to fund abortion vote recount

Kansas Coalition for Life chairman Mark Gietzen, at left, offered to put his house up to help fund the recount.

Kansas Coalition for Life chairman Mark Gietzen, at left, offered to put his house up to help fund the recount.
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It may be time to reconsider the Conservatives’ reputation for fiscal responsibility. The Associated Press reported that anti-abortionists in Kansas calculated nearly $120,000 on credit cards Monday to try to fund a pointless narration the most recent nationwide Vote that was overwhelmingly pro-abortion Right. That seems like a lot to charge a credit card in this economy – I hear Crudités are $20 these days. The recount won’t get anywhere given that pro-abortion rights advocates won by a margin of nearly 20 points, but then again, anti-abortionists might be on to something — think of the trip points!

State election officials this week authorized a recount on the condition that Kansas anti-abortion activist and election conspirator Melissa Leavitt (who formally requested the recount) and her supporters pay the approximately $229,000 up front, with a 5 p.m. deadline on Wednesday. Kansas Coalition for Life Chairman Mark Gietzen “used a credit card to pay for all expenses except $1,500,” which Leavitt will pay himself. To to the Kansas reflector, Gietzen offered to “set up his house to secure the bail needed to order a statewide recount.” By the end of Monday, he had “dipped into a retirement account to support the effort.”

From Tuesday morning Leavitt’s fundraiser because the recount brought in about $47,000. Mind you, these financial decisions are being made as we approach and get closer to a recession each day. Gietzen and Leavitt are apparently so excited about the idea that a recount will magically reveal over 165,000 uncounted ballots (aka more than 10% of ballots cast) that they’re willing to bet their financial future on it.

Without a shred of evidence, Leavitt Expectations She “saw data…that there were irregularities” on election night. Gietzen told the AP, “The truth is who knows who won the vote,” and lied that the election was marred by “massive” fraud through “ballot harvesting,” arguing people were illegally receiving ballots and in dropboxes delivered.

If anyone is guilty of fraud, it is of course the anti-abortion site written Kansas voters en masse said their measure would give women a “choice,” and supported pre-election “women’s health.” They said they would not use the measure to ban abortion, despite being private vow to. They also formulated the measure as misleading as possible and chose to vote on it during a primary, which tends to attract less attention and turnout.

As much as right-wing conspiracy theorists like Leavitt and Gietzen may lie to themselves and their supporters, the reality is that Kansas voters knew what was at stake and showed themselves. since autumn roe— and even before that, when Texas effectively outlawed abortion last September — Kansas has become the last abortion destination in the Great Plains region. Three of the four bordering states have opted to ban abortion. quadrupling Out-of-state abortion seekers. Kansas’ August 2 vote showed that abortion rights are wild popular everywhere and win if they are right on the ballot.

That anti-abortion activists are delusional isn’t exactly news, nor is their proven record of fiscal irresponsibility. That Washington Post reported in 2019 that between 2016 and this year, several anti-abortion state governments defended abortion restrictions in court had spent nearly $10 million in legal fees (using taxpayers’ money). The state of Texas alone owed Whole Woman’s Health more than $2.3 million after the Supreme Court overturned an abortion restriction in the state in 2016 Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. Between those numbers and the massive credit card debt of anti-abortionists in Kansas, these are about the last people who should be telling us that we don’t have money to fund abortion care, paid family vacations, or other “entitlement” programs.

https://jezebel.com/kansas-man-puts-up-his-house-dips-into-retirement-savi-1849417578 Kansas man offers up his home, dives into retirement savings to fund abortion vote recount

Andrew Schnitker

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