James Franco apparently landed the role of Fidel Castro after a very intense search for a Latino man

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in a (n Notice Made Friday, filmmakers gave the Bell Curve-bordering rationale for Casting allegedly canceled acting teacher James Franco as Fidel Castro in an upcoming biopic about Castro’s illegitimate daughter.

Alina of Cuba: La Hija Rebelde will begin filming in Colombia this month to visually recreate 1950s Cuba. The film’s “focus” was to create “an artistic piece of modern Hispanic history,” according to John Martinez O’Felan, the film’s lead creative producer. The goal of the film is to be “truly inclusive by bringing together actors and creatives from across the United States, Latin America and around the world who have both intergenerational and more recent Latino roots,” he added.

So they searched far and wide for the right leading man. While casting Cuban-American actress Ana Villafañe as Alina and Mía Maestro as mother/lover Natalia “Naty” Revuelta was easy, finding the right Fidel proved difficult. How would you possibly find one (1) Cuban playing the revolutionary leader turning a country upside down? Was the budget for the casting flyer really that low?

Anyway, they landed on James Franco. And this is where the casting process completely lost plot trying to explain why they picked him:

“To get there with such a difficult look, we used Fidel Castro’s age-old Galician heraldry as our central compass, then combed the entire ranks of Hollywood actors with Latino roots to find someone with a similar facial structure.” In conducting a close search for our hopefuls through the eye of the Spanish and Portuguese genealogies that the Galicians possessed, we found that James had by far the greatest facial resemblance of the leading actors in our industry, meaning that would be the focus to build on his character accent and we’d have a stunning game on screen to engage audiences and bring the story to life with true visual integrity.”

Apparently it was difficult to convince this man to play Castro as he is an American who doesn’t seem to speak Spanish. It’s unclear if this film will be screened in Spanish in whole or in part, which seems appropriate for a film about the Cuban revolutionary and his anti-revolutionary daughter. “Finding and convincing James Franco to play Castro was a fun and challenging process and was the universe’s collective work because our director’s original brief was to find an actor who was physically very similar to the real Castro to build on. along with finding someone that Alina Fernandez would strongly support,” O’Felan told Deadline.

Again you are telling me that James Franco is the only actor in the entire English and Spanish speaking world who could play a young Fidel fucking Castro?? Is it because Franco also has a nose, hackles and a full head of hair? Are these suddenly hard-to-find qualities in casting calls? I just don’t buy it.

It’s an indie film so face it sometimes you need a big American star to sell it. when they wanted to do it the motorcycle diaries, they cast the Spanish-speaking (and named) Gael García Bernal; Although not Argentine, he at least speaks the subject’s native language. The last major portrayal of Castro was by a Mexican actor in 2002. They felt it was important enough to cast a Cuban-American woman as Alina. Perhaps one (1) Cuban, or even Cuban, would welcome the opportunity to portray arguably the most important man of the country’s last 80 years.

https://jezebel.com/james-franco-landed-fidel-castro-role-after-very-intens-1849377858 James Franco apparently landed the role of Fidel Castro after a very intense search for a Latino man

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