It’s time for US forces to enter the fight for Ukraine


About the editor: I do not want soldiers of any nationality to be sent to war. It is never fair to endanger a nation’s youth in order to carry out the dogma of a country’s politicians. (“Zelensky spurs Biden to pledge more aid to Ukraine in emotional speech before Congress,” March 16)

At the same time, I think it is important to take a stand against all world leaders who kill their own people or the civilian population of another country.

And what was the reaction “from above” in the West? The White House, the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have all talked about what should be done and what could be done and what the long-term implications of engagement are.

As the debate continues, the number of Ukrainian bodies increases.

The West, particularly the United States, must act more aggressively now. The history of our country is full of examples of how to “do the right thing”.

I have based my support or opposition to our country’s military action on the best and most accurate information available. Now I can only conclude that we need to take more aggressive military action. I firmly believe that it is the right thing to do.

Elliott SingerLos Alamitos


About the editor: The Russian invasion of Ukraine has given us hellish images, perhaps the most egregious being the dying pregnant woman in the attack on the Mariupol maternity hospital.

Counterbalancing this atrocity is the far greater devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (which is where we speak of war crimes).

There are those who advocate enforcing a “no-fly zone,” a misleading term for involvement in an air war involving Russian planes. This air war, or even flying MiGs into Ukraine from NATO territory, could all too easily escalate not only into a larger conflict but also into a thermonuclear World War III.

As early as third grade, I knew that hiding under my desk wouldn’t save me from nuclear weapons.

Scott McKenzie, La Cañada Flintridge


About the editor: Why is direct confrontation with Russia the frightening line that the US and NATO will not cross, even to save thousands of women, children and men from suffering and death? Isn’t that exactly the situation NATO was created for?

Russia is murdering and looting the people of a burgeoning democratic country, and we refuse to stop the slaughter. If not now when?

Sharon Fane, North Hollywood It’s time for US forces to enter the fight for Ukraine

Caroline Bleakley

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