Ironically Herschel Walker claims that Raphael Warnock does not keep his own children

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A week after Election Day, Republican Herschel Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock have returned to the campaign trail to represent Georgia in the Senate empties into a drain on December 6th since none received more than 50 percent the vote. At a rally on Monday, Walker was – charged Pressure on two former partners Having abortions and not seeing one of his four confirmed children in years — he inexplicably chose to do it Attacking Warnock for his parenting.

“[Warnock] paid for childcare all that stuff – why doesn’t he keep his own kids? Don’t let anyone keep your children. You keep your children. I keep my own even though he lied about me,” Walker said. Walker seems to be referring to this reporting Earlier this year, Warnock’s ex-wife, Ouluye Ndoye, filed a lawsuit seeking additional custody of their children, as well as a recalculation of his child support payments as his income increased after he was elected a senator in 2021-right outlet Breitbart News reported that Warnock spent over $61,000 in campaign funds on childcare Services.

What’s confusing about Walker’s chosen line of scrimmage is that, to put it mildly, he doesn’t really have a leg to stand on. Christian Walker, Walker’s only publicly known child, has accused his father threatened to kill him and his mother and forced them to move several times for their safety. Several women have accused Walker intimate partner violence. And one of the two women, who says Walker paid for their abortions despite his stated support for abortion bans, also has a child with her, says the daily beast walker hasn’t seen her child in years. His communications with his young son, she claimed, were limited to sporadic texts, which she shared with the outlet, and the occasional gift.

The Daily Beast reporter who interviewed this woman said in a tweet that he showed her Walker’s Monday notes about Warnock’s parenting, and she replied, “It can’t be true.”

Before any news about the alleged abortions turned up, Walker was too exposed because he is dishonest about the number of children he has. In spite of lamenting absent fathers and racist dog whistles about the state of America’s campaigning families, earlier this year, confirmed reports that Walker had multiple children with multiple different women, after earlier lying that he only had two.

Walker has scrupulously denied claims that he paid for women’s abortions, although the Daily Beast’s coverage of the issue was backed up by significant evidence, including a check he appeared to have written for the abortion. But comparing his parenting to someone else’s and claiming to keep “my own” children is, in the face of all evidence to the contrary, … a choice. Does he really want more people to search Google for “Herschel Walker Kids” three weeks before his runoff?

Walker’s juxtaposition of his parenting and Warnocks wasn’t the only topic he brought up at Monday’s rally, where Walker inexplicably gave up at one point Ode to “those gas guzzling cars”.

“If we were ready for the green agenda, I would raise my hand immediately,” he said. “But we’re not ready right now… What we have to do is keep having these gas-guzzling cars. Because we have the good emissions among these cars.” To be clear, there are no “good emissions” from cars. But after a long year of spouting nonsense, off assert that trans children cannot go to heaven pitch “A department that can take care of young men, that can take care of women, that take care of social media” to address mass shootings, why would he stop now?

On Election Day, Warnock ousted Walker by just under 1%. It’s unclear how much those numbers will change on Dec. 6 if Walker is running alone without Republican Gov. Brian Kemp on the ballot with him. Ironically Herschel Walker claims that Raphael Warnock does not keep his own children

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