Internet supports teen who gives mom ‘book about cheating’ for anniversary with new husband

The internet feels sorry for a teenager who gave his mother a book about “cheating” to celebrate her anniversary with her new husband.

The 16-year-old accepted Reddit‘s popular Am I the A**hole forum at username IGaveTheBookto explain his family situation, revealing that his 35-year-old mother cheated on his father when he was 10.

He says his mother “had an affair and left us” and although he visited her, he admitted it was hard as he “hated her new family,” he explained to her had more children.

Visits were for big events like birthdays, as he said: “She wants us to be close, but I don’t want anything to do with her new husband, so I’ve kept my distance.”

The US has thousands of children living with single divorced parents, according to the US Census Bureau, citing the Current Population Survey (CPS): 2020 Annual Social and Economic Supplement Report.

Published in 2020, it showed that more children lived with their mothers than with their fathers, with 4.4 million under-18s living with their mother compared to 1.4 million with their father.

The teenager claimed he was recently sent to his mum when his dad was out of town, explaining: “And just my luck my mum’s anniversary with her husband was on Sunday.”

The teenager wrote that he’s been busy “doing homework” and “hanging out with friends” to get out of family activities, saying: “Because it sucks to see how in love she is with her husband and how she is with her.” daughters seem like the perfect family.”

The night before the anniversary party, he says his mum tried to cuddle him “like before she left us,” but her son revealed it made him angry and he stayed “frozen.”

“I started crying about it and felt angry and scathing and my mother was studying literature so I got her a copy Anna Karenina for her anniversary.

“This book is about a woman who leaves her husband and son for her lover. I never read it, but I saw the movie with my girlfriend and I hated it,” he said.

When he gave it to her mother, he said she “appeared shocked” but thanked him, but later he heard her crying.

He wrote: “So I eavesdropped a bit and heard her say things about this book and me and her husband tried to calm her down. The next day she went to work early at breakfast before I woke up and her husband called me right A**hole and stuff for to give them that.

“It’s been a few days now and my mother has barely spoken to me. Honestly, me feel so wrong i made my mom cry but at the same time, I don’t want to be here and she knows it, so am I really the a***hole?”

The post entitled “AITA for giving my mother and her husband a book about cheating on their anniversary?” shared on Wednesday, collecting more than 18,000 positive votes and causing a stir on the website.

Adding clarification after the blast, the teenager, from Canada, said: “I gave the book to my mother to make her realize that I hate being in her house and around her family and that I hate it.” hurts is because I sympathized with the son in the movie, not because I want a train to run over her — I don’t want that to happen to my mom.”

In the book, the protagonist commits suicide by throwing herself under a train. The teenager also confirmed he didn’t want his parents to get back together as his father now has a fiancé who he is “happy” with.

He said: “Yes I stopped visiting my mum because I hate her husband but she had custody of me on weekends or during breaks, she could have forced me to be with her but since I’ve been with am him or got him to be with us whenever I went. What was more important to her was that she never attempted anything other than going to big events for the bare minimum.

Dszquphsbnt commented on the dilemma, thinking, “Definitely not the asshole. Anna Karenina is a classic and a great gift. On the other hand, if the shoe fits.”

Rachelvvvv wrote: “Nta. She wouldn’t take it so hard or understand what you’re implying if she didn’t already feel that way.”

Nutmegisme said, “Yep. I thought it was going to be a relationship book about cheating, but it’s literally just a literary classic. A well-deserved and scientific burn, imo.”

Avamarie commented, “It’s okay to be happy. Expecting a hurt child to join in and pretend to be part of that family isn’t going to end well. They haven’t addressed the pain of that child and all they see is how happy you are without her.”

While Punkassjim added: “If you tell someone the truth about the consequences of their actions and they get hurt by it, you don’t hurt them. He hurt himself.”

Although Saerabash wrote: “This is kinda immature. I understand your mother cheated. But honestly? Your SISTERS (because they are) are just as innocent as you. You punish innocent girls for what your mother did. This makes you an AH to them.”

Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy, is considered a classic and one of the greatest literary masterpieces. The approximately 800-page novel was first published in sequels between 1875 and 1877 and deals with an extramarital affair.

There have been numerous adaptations of the book on the big screen, one of the most recent being the 2012 film starring Keira Knightley as the title character alongside Jude Law.

Posters for Anna Karenina films.
Posters for Anna Karenina films. A teenager claimed he got his mother the book to celebrate their anniversary with her new husband.
IMBD Internet supports teen who gives mom ‘book about cheating’ for anniversary with new husband

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