Internet support staff backed by Customer after being called ‘help’

An employee at a pharmacy is gaining widespread support on the internet after they were rejected by customers and called “help” while trying to appear friendly.

Currently going viral Reddit the post recounting the events with the caption “My colleague said ‘Hello’ to a client’s young daughter and her mother told her: ‘Don’t tell for help'” was supported. 12,700 times since it was shared on February 28.

Post, shared by u / Impossible-Head2121 in the Reddit forum “Antiwork,” revealed the poster and their colleague worked in a pharmacy in a “very wealthy neighborhood”.

The original poster (OP) continued: “My colleague was at the front of the store facing inventory, and a customer walked past with her young daughter. My colleague smiled at me. girl and say ‘Hello’.” The girl’s mother told her not to talk to ‘help’ and went right next to my coworker. “

OP hasn’t been too wordy when it comes to their feelings. “This is what the wealthy think about the working class,” they added. “We don’t even deserve to talk.”

Woman and girl wearing masks
The Internet is favoring an employee who is secretly despised by customers and is called a “helper”. Here, a woman and daughter wear masks.

According to Pew . Research Center, a survey conducted showed that 43% of respondents perceive rich people as more likely to be intelligent. However, 55% found they were more likely to be greedy and 34% found they were less likely to be honest.

More than 500 comments have popped up on Reddit about the situation, and people are supporting the workers’ plight. Some Redditors have an idea of ​​how to handle the customer.

“Tell her her card is being rejected loudly next time she comes in,” suggested one user.

Others had harsh words for the woman’s remarks towards workers. “The mentality is disgusting… And then they wonder why these places are understaffed,” said one Redditor. “Who wants to deal with such bad treatment? Pure arrogance on the part of the customer.”

One hopes the little girl will realize the behavior is wrong. “No one is born looking down on others,” they wrote. “This little girl [as all kids do] learn a lot from observation. “

Several people have revealed their own examples of customer reviews. ONE Redditor said it reminded them of when they “phoned up a woman, and out of nowhere, she just turned to her little baby and said ‘One day machines will replace these people. ‘ Like ma’am, I’ll be right here.”

While another Reddit user believes that “dehumanizing is how rich people by exploiting people teach their children and grandchildren that it is completely normal to exploit people to become rich.”

Some Redditors was shocked at the customer’s comment as the staff was just trying to be friendly. “Wow… I can’t believe the disrespect and the way people treat each other just because they have more paper than someone else,” one user wrote.

Others responded like “God, I hate people like that” and “She needs to be embarrassed in public immediately.”

Newsweek contacted u/Impossible-Head2121 for comment. Internet support staff backed by Customer after being called ‘help’

Adam Bradshaw

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