Imlie October 7, 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra advances Imlie and Atharva’s wedding date

Arpita and Sundar select wedding cards for Imlie’s wedding and seek Narmada’s perspective. Narmada says that she is only satisfied with an idea of ​​Imlies Bidayi and is not keen on their wedding, they can choose a card they like. Imlie saunters over to them. Sundar jokes that Choti Chipkali/Reptile will choose a card for himself. Imlie says she needs to discuss something with them. Arpita urges her to try. Imlie shyly says Atharva came to meet her. Narmada why towards evening. Imlie says he had something important to discuss, but since she didn’t get everyone’s approval, she asked him to leave. Arpita asks what they were talking about and start looking at cards. Chini respects Imlie, but Atharva accommodated her overall and looked for an idea to drop Imlie, surprisingly gifting a wonderfully shiny collar. She goes to actually look at her collar. Rupali sees this and follows her.

Narmada calls Rudra and explains that Atharva came to meet Imlie alone instead of meeting them all and says that it’s even Atharva’s home after he made an appointment with Imlie and he can visit her anytime but people will talk sick if they assume he meets Imlie alone before marriage. Rudra says he understands her fear and will speak to Atharva. Sundar immediately takes the call, explaining that Atharva met Chini before meeting Imlie. Rudra thanks him for the clarification and guarantees to take care of the problem. He checks on Atharva, who misled him the night before, and gathers family to investigate the issue. Rudra’s younger brother lights up Atharva, who Rudra has called entire family, in a living room.

Chini is looking for a collar and can’t find it. Rupali enters and inquires if, as expected, she tried to steal Atharva’s gift for Imlie. Chini says Atharva gave it to her. Rupali says to give it to Imlie. She warns Chini that she knows her game and won’t let her reach for Imlie’s rights again. Rudra explains to the family that he is not well these days, and before his body gives in, he must move Atharva and Imlie’s wedding to next week. Everyone feels happy while Atharva is stunned. Rupali explains to the family that since Imlie and Chini do things together, even Chini can be tied since there is a partnership for Cheeni. She shows everyone a child’s photo. Atharva’s family praises him and jokes that Imlie will soon be bound to him for life. Atharva will not marry Imlie. Rudra says that the marriage muhurath is now established. However, Atgharva says that Muhurat is set on auspicious things, he will not marry Imlie if disturbed by any imagination, and will not cause any inconvenience to anyone.

Chini will not marry. Rupali says Jatin is a decent Sanskari kid. Chini says she will not marry a working-class child and live a needy life, while Imlie shares a rich and showering life with Atharva. Rupali says they chose Atharva because of his sanskars and family and demands that she meet with Jatin sometime. Chini assumes she will flatly reject Jatin. Sundar illuminates Rudra that Chini has agreed to marry Jatin. Rudra says once Chini’s wedding is over, Atharva and Imlie will not be upset with her again. Atharva hears this and rebukes Rudra for considering his family his private affair. Devika warns him to bargain with his loved ones. Atharva says that Rudra will marry Chini, although he realizes that he loves her. Rudra inquires if he has ever tried to find out what Chini needs since she probably knew about her sister’s collusion and never protested. Devika says Rupali found deals for Chini and not her, Chini meets Jatin with virtually no problems. Atharva assumes he will explain things and not allow his, Chini, and Imlie’s lives to be ruined.

Imlie asks Chini why she would rather not meet Jatin. Chini says she’s unlikely to meet an outsider like that.

Imlie says that even Atharva was a stranger to her, but now he is everything to her. Chini inquires if she thinks Arto came to meet her. Chini shyly gestures yes. Chini says Arto came to meet her because she needed to talk to her. Rupali enters and says Atharva met Chini when he had to gift an adorable necklace through Chini. Chini Vapor sees her jewelry going to Imlie. Imlie says she would have been happy if Atharva had given even a single string as a gift. Rupali says Imlie is more valuable than this accessory.
Chini says Atharva gave it to her. Rupali denies. Imlie hugs Chini and thanks her for getting Atharva’s most unforgettable gift for her. Chini decides to get her accessory back. Imlie October 7, 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra advances Imlie and Atharva’s wedding date

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