Imlie August 9, 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan testifies on Imlie’s behalf following her arrest

The specialist treats children who suffer food contamination after an old laddus and asks guardians not to stress themselves as this is merely a minor case of food contamination that will soon recover. He goes on to say that Cheeni has had various spatters of blood and needs a quick blood transfusion, or in all likelihood there is nothing they can do. Imlie yells at the specialist. Aryan stops her and asks Cheeni’s blood pack. The specialist says B-negative blood is not available at his blood transfusion center. Aryan says even his blood bundle is B negative so he will donate blood. Imlie repeats a previous incident where Aryan gave blood to Cheeni. Aryan guarantees Meethi that Cheeni will be fine and goes to see a specialist. Imlie tells Meethi that Cheeni will be fine.

At Rathore House, Sundar reviews new recipes for his restaurant online. Jaggu says he wants something. Arpita says he probably saw a toy online and is requesting the same. Juggu says he would like a younger sibling or sister to play. Sundar makes a rude remark about Arpita. Feeling shy, Arpita asks Jaggu why he wants a relative. Jaggu says he is feeling desolate and needs a Kinship game, asks to get one for him before sundown. Sundar says it’s impractical unexpectedly early. Jaggu asks how long it will take to get there.

The specialist explains to Imlie that Cheeni’s condition is stable at this point. Imlie thanks him and Seeta Maiya. The specialist says she should thank Aryan for donating blood. Guardians accuse Imlie of harming her children and attempt to pursue her. Aryan stops them and says that after Imlie seriously jeopardized their children’s lives, he realizes they are struggling. Imlie tells how she was able to endanger her children’s lives in the city. Aryan says that’s a normal response and says now regulation will make the decision. He calls the police and has them arrested. Malini thinks Aryan is a step ahead in terms of payback. She told Aryan that Imlie must sign a statement of regret at all costs.

Aryan asks why she’s back behind Imlie on the off chance she’s pulled something through. Malini says all the children had food contamination after Imlie’s arranged laddus. Aryan asks how that can be. Malini says he recognizes Imlie better and how thoughtless Imlie can be around children. Aryan lost his child due to Imlie’s recklessness. Malini says Imlie is dismissed for how she treated the youths, him and, surprisingly, her; Imlie can no longer play with the children’s lives and should no doubt be turned away and sign the letter of regret. In a flashback, the police pull Imlie away while repeating that she has been sitting idle.

Neela overhears Sundar, Arpita, and Jaggu’s discussion and lets Jaggu know that if Imlie hadn’t killed the child, he would have had an older brother. She says he really doesn’t want to be stressed as Preeta is getting married to Aryan and he will have a cousin brother soon. Arpita asks him not to investigate such issues in front of a youngster and says Imlie is coming back with Aryan. Sundar says Jaggu will soon have a cousin to play with. Jaggu takes off happily. Neela scowls.

Malini tells Aryan that he did well, she doesn’t know what the concern of Pagdandiya people is that everyone who comes here will return injured, he should return to Delhi now. Aryan says he won’t leave until Cheeni is out of danger. Malini shows the film and says it clearly shows that Imlie’s food harmed children, they should turn this evidence over to the police and send Imlie to jail until the end of time. Aryan meets with Chenei. Malini believes that she needs to take Imlie far from Aryan, but Imlie will be away from everyone when she goes to jail, and that affirmation is enough to break Imlie completely.

Imlie at police headquarters feels stressed about Cheeni and asks Seeta Maiya to protect her. Cheeni gets some information about Imlie. Aryan says she’s fine and she’s out. Cheeni says Imlie wouldn’t just walk away from her, she would open her eyes when Imlie came. Aryan orders her to open her eyes. Cheeni says he’s just her legend Ji and not Imlie so he can’t organize her. Aryan reviews his previous comparison episode with Imlie and says he can’t organize it but can give her a little nudge. Cheeni wakes up and giggles and says he’s warming up imlies; Words. Aryan asks if Imlie talked about her. Cheeni inquires if he is Imlie’s companion why he is rehashing Imlie’s words. Aryan says he is Aryan Singh Rathore and does not repeat anyone’s words.

Cheeni Hacks. Aryan is concerned and calls a specialist. Cheeni giggles and says she was joking and says she prefers him so she shared Imlie’s arranged laddu with him. Aryan discusses Malini, shows him a movie, and says Imlie put poison in Laddus. He apologizes and leaves, telling Malini to go to police headquarters with evidence. Imlie breaks up in the slammer. Meethi arrives at police headquarters. Imlie inquires why she left Cheeni with Aryan, as Aryan simply prefers his pomposity. Meethi says she thinks wrong. Aryan arrives there with Malini. Imlie says Aryan left a bad boy and came here to wipe her out.

Malini shows the film to the controller and says this shows that Imlie gave children harmful laddus. Aryan says this footage shows Imlie is not at fault as the video was made on purpose to capture Imlie. Malini says it shows youngsters have harmed Laddus. Aryan says caterers brought damaged laddus. Malini asks if he has confirmation. Aryan says he is proof that the children’s welfare dissipated after 1 laddu, but he had imlies agreed 3 laddus and 1 is still with him. Imlie reviews Aryan taking Laddus heavily. Imlie August 9, 2022 Written Episode Update: Aryan testifies on Imlie’s behalf following her arrest

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