“I don’t walk on Dunkin’ anymore”

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Dunkin’ Donuts is not for people who “like coffee.” Dunkin’ is for the die-hard New Englander who needs access to an affordable 32-ounce carafe of diluted caffeine on every block. It doesn’t have to be well made or taste really good. It just needs to be reliably available at a Dunkin’ to 10 person ratio and cost at least 30 percent less than Starbucks.

You’re practically born with a big Dunkin’ iced coffee mug in your little fist when you come out of the womb in Massachusetts. Why the heck do you think Ben Affleck drinks so much of it? In recent years, the Dunkin’ app’s former rewards program, DD Perks, has helped facilitate many Dunkin’ habits. It was easy to make an already cheap coffee even cheaper by quickly earning points to use towards a free coffee of your choice. However, just last week, Dunkin’ released an updated Dunkin’ Rewards system that turned all of that on its head—and left some Dunkin’ Stans is in ruins.

In the previous DD Perks system, customers received five points per dollar redeemable for any size and style of coffee at 200 points. With a 100-point bonus on Mondays, many regular Dunkin’ drinkers could get a free drink every week or two. Under the new Dunkin’ Rewards program, customers get 10 points per dollar, but now it takes between 500 and 900 points to redeem for coffee, depending on the order. This means that a free Dunkin’ Signature Latte that could previously have been earned by spending $40 now costs $90. For many of those on r/ Dunkin Donutsthe Dunkin-centric subreddit, this change is enough to say goodbye to the brand for good.

Through the subreddit, frequent dunkiners express their frustration with the change. “I don’t walk on Dunkin’ anymore” u/PeepnSheep wrote three days ago. “What kind of idiot do you think I am, Dunkin’? Thanks to this new stingy system, I earn LESS points and unlock LESS rewards.” said u/quack zack yesterdayincluding a middle finger emoji.

While Dunkin’ Rewards allows people to redeem points for food, which wasn’t an option under DD Perks, the program also does away with free birthday drinks. However, what seems to piss people off the most is the language Dunkin used in connection with the shift. For example the Dunkin’ website explained that the change was made “Because our members earn more! Dunkin’ Rewards is designed to help you run all day with the best that Dunkin’ has to offer.” As u/thisthatandthe3rd posted last weekTo tell customers that they can get more when they now have to spend more feels like an insult. “Don’t try to piss me off and tell me it’s raining,” they said.

Lots of frustrated customers, of course will continue to buy from Dunkinbecause you’re basically always in sight of one, like the monsters out It follows, if you live in the Northeast. Still, many got started on the subreddit discuss how much money they’ll save if they never go to Dunkin’ againand others have planned their newfound involvement with Starbucks, MC Donaldsor regional gas stations such as Wawa for their caffeine fixation. Some even shared Amazon links to products to help recreate their usual Dunkin’ orders at home. Strawberry Syrup on Amazon? $9.61. Great Cold Brew award redemption value in Dunkin’ Rewards? $70.

Feeling like treating this corporate change like mob drama The departed and stubbornly boycott Dunkin’ forever? Priceless.

https://jezebel.com/dunkin-donuts-devalues-rewards-points-enraging-custome-1849639828 “I don’t walk on Dunkin’ anymore”

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