How many chapters are there in God of War Ragnarok?

MANY fans have already started their God of War Ragnarök journey following today’s release.

However, it could be impressive to begin your adventure knowing that it’s the greatest God of War game yet.

God of War Ragnarök offers a lot to sink your teeth into.


God of War Ragnarök offers a lot to sink your teeth into.Photo credit: Sony Santa Monica

If you’re wondering how much time you’ll be spending in the land of Norse mythology, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how long it took us, a full chapter list and post-game guide for God of War Ragnarok to help you out.

How long does it take to beat God of War Ragnarok?

The time to beat obviously varies, but we played around 32 hours to conclude the main story for our God of War Ragnarök review.

This included all the chapters of the main story, as well as a number of side quests and, of course, collecting a large number of collectibles.

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However, God of War Ragnarök also features a powerful postlude where there is much more to discover once you’ve completed the main storyline.

We spent one more 45 hours alone after the game, and we still have a number of side quests to complete.

List of chapters in God of War Ragnarok

The main story of God of War Ragnarök is called The Path and it contains a number of objectives that you must complete.

There are 11 of these total objectives that you must complete in order to complete the main story.

Here they are in order:

  1. survive fimbul winter
  2. The search for Tyr
  3. Big secret
  4. The billing
  5. The Word of Destiny
  6. forge fate
  7. reunion
  8. Creatures of Prophecy
  9. hunt for consolation
  10. The incantation
  11. The Rich at War

Does God of War Ragnarok have a new game+?

God of War Ragnarok has New Game + from April 6, 2023.

After you roll the credits, you have a new objective, Beyond Ragnarök, which asks you to complete all your unfinished business.

You can explore the last remnants of Asgard, face a series of high-level encounters, and travel to the Crucible of Muspelheim for optional combat challenges.

The souls of the berserkers can still be found and captured, as well as any favors you may have missed.

The side quests offer more background on characters and locations, and are worth checking out for a number of shocking revelations.

Ratatoskr will also give you as many Yggdrasill seeds as you want after the main game, making exploration much easier.

NG+ adds new ways to customize your armor, allowing you to mix and match your perks.

New armor types have been added, including the Spartan armor, which removes abilities and perks and locks you at level 1.

Niflheim has been expanded and bosses have been reshuffled to keep your experience feeling fresh.

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