Horror fans have ideas for the dumbest crossovers imaginable that still have to be seen


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horror Crossovers have been done before, and some have emerged as master strokes of genius from the filmmaking gods. However, this article is not about that. Instead, think of two horror stories that have nothing to do with being together or even being in the same world. how would that crossing see?

Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015) pitted two reptiles against each other, both of enormous size and with fans choosing sides, the snake or its crocodile-like enemy. Alien VS Predator (2004) brought creatures from another world together to compete against each other. Freddy vs Jason (2003) was what slasher Stans had been waiting for because the two boys knew how to scare viewers to death.

Do you see the topic there? In each of those films, it was a similar beast that would sensibly be brought together in the same way Dana White brings opponents together in the UFC. They had a reason to be in these films together.

However, a recent Reddit thread urged fans to consider horror mismatches. The result could be comedy/horror, but the weirder the better. And go!

With the success of M3GAN Fresh on everyone’s lips, it’s only right that she comes up first, unless scream VI has something to say about it.

Hellraiser And Seen easily qualify as an unequal game as you have demonic powers, while Jigsaw is just a human armed with a very twisted mind and a torture genius.

Someone came up with the idea of ​​using the famous horror clown against the demonic one, Leviathan’s favorite himself.

And now comedy is coming to town. When you think about it, these two traits actually have a decent amount in common.

Then a fan takes it back to a more serious take. Teachers infected by alien parasites take on Buffalo Bill. If they couldn’t win against the kids, how could they against “It’s rubbing the lotion on its skin or it’ll get the tube again.”

This one definitely fits in with the many weird answers. A murderous midget versus a serial killer who can catch up with the fastest runner even though he’s walking really slow.

This one asks a very good question:

Which is:

There are so many great horror movies that don’t belong together. Maybe it’s about time Hollywood took a serious look and made it happen.

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/horror-fans-have-ideas-for-the-dumbest-crossovers-imaginable-that-would-still-be-must-see/ Horror fans have ideas for the dumbest crossovers imaginable that still have to be seen

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