Gwyneth Paltrow wears IV Drip on Wellness Podcast

I’m feeling a little feverish this morning – maybe a little unwell – because leading health misinformation peddler Gwyneth Paltrow is back with some pathetic advice how to be “good”.

That’s right! The Goop founderwho is 50 appeared on Monday’s episode of the podcast The art of being goodmoderated by “Leading functional medicine expert and bestselling author” dr Will Cole. His Instagram characteristics a post that reads, “Choosing not to eat foods you don’t love isn’t restrictive, it’s self-respect,” which should tell you everything you need to know about the guy!

Mand personally favorite part of her crazy Conversation: the part about IVs.

“As you record this, have a little infusion,” notes Cole, “which is so trademark for both of us. We pod and IV at the same time!”

“I’m really ashamed here,” chuckles Paltrow. “I love an IV! I am an early IV user. glutathione, I love being in an IV. Kind of random, rather frayed, phosphatidylcholine…this is my favorite infusion when I can find it. They’re pretty hard to find. And they make me feel so good.” (There’s nothing I like more than shooting a semi-rare chemical right into my veins.) But don’t worry, today she only has an IV drip with “good old-fashioned vitamins”. In other words, this is Gwyneth descending, if only for a moment, into the realm of commoners.

During the episode titled “Gwyneth Paltrow: Her Wellness Protocol for Longevity and Gut Health,” the woman gave the name to her child Apple Also dropped out of her “spa” routinewhich I will detail for you here (be careful, this can be triggering for people with a history of EDs):

  • “I do a nice intermittent fasting. I usually eat something around 12.”
  • “In the morning I’ll have some things that don’t spike my blood sugar…like coffee.”
  • “I like soup for lunch. I often eat bone broth for lunch.”
  • “I try to do an hour of exercise. So I’m either going for a walk, or I’m doing Pilates, or I’m doing my Tracy Anderson.” (Yeah, same one that gave clients bacterial vaginosis and athlete’s foot.)
  • “Then I’ll go to the sauna. I brush myself dry and go to the sauna. So I go to the infrared sauna for 30 minutes.”
  • “For dinner, I try to eat paleo. So lots of vegetables. It is very important to me to support my detoxification.”

Distilling this down to the actual foods listed gives us Gwyneth’s three food groups: coffee, bone broth, and vegetables. This meal plan follows the food pyramid teachers we were given in elementary school! did that say go something like, “Always make sure your plate looks like a muddy shrub that’s been uprooted from the ground, and favor brown, watery foods.”

I don’t need to tell you why this particular capsule group is a quack tea party. But I will say that the most demonic Gwyneth arises as she perpetuates both pernicious wellness myths camouflaged in woo-woo language And signal how Her fame and fortune have thrown her out of touch. And boy aren’t we lucky ’cause today we were ‘they both.

But no worry: TikTokers have none of thisand they quickly gave GP a bad mark in the art of well-being and crowned her The Almond nut of a generation of almond nuts, otherwise known as mothers who pushed diet culture onto their kids. Here is my favourite Answer by a 45 year old self-proclaimed fat woman: “She spends all this money to look young and she looks like a shriveled banana. EAT FOOD.”

As for me, I’m afraid I might be worse off than I was when I started this blog. Thanks for nothing Gwyneth!!

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