Emma Chamberlain Confirms New Romance With Boyfriend Role Model

Emma Chamberlain and artist Good example just sent off their vibes hard! The virtual entertainment genius opened up about her relationship with Good example, whose real name is Exhaust Pillsbury, on a cover for GQ’s Valentine’s Day issue.

All Emma fans are excited to learn more about her love life. Anyway, who is the person who has access to Emma’s heart? Read on to know everything Emma Chamberlain’s darling, good example to know.


Emma Chamberlain has confirmed her opinion with a good example. During their last meeting with GQ Magazine, Emma and the model ended their relationship rough, and with perfect Valentine’s Day timing too. On their very first meeting, they discussed their romantic history.

In the meeting, held on February 14, 2023, Emma said, “I know people are going to be like, ‘Emma, ​​you’re an F-ruler scammer,’ as I’ve said broadly that I’ll never do that.” Emma also spoke about her decision to keep the couple’s three-year relationship confidential. She told the news source, “My dad generally says that me and Exhaust are sensitively sent off.”

On the other hand, Pillsbury told the news source, “We have an exceptionally easy, protected, private – if we have to be private – relationship. We will never post photos and selfies of us on a seafront in Cabo.”

Opening the door, the virtual entertainment sensation continued, “There are parts of our relationship that will forever be private and those things remain sacred to us. However, I don’t think we should remain secret any longer. It’s very much like, I’m over this st.”

When did Emma Chamberlain and Good example start dating? According to Individuals magazine, the relationship between the Chamberlain espresso pioneer and the rising pop star dates back to the days when Exhaust slipped into her DMs. After a two or three month visit, they both spent a relaxing evening at Chamberlain’s house. The two believed that this would go no further.

Emma said: “I couldn’t speak as I was shaking. I would rather not have been near him as I was like, ‘He’ll see I’m shaking, so I must be far away.’ She pointed out that she would rather not have “frustrated” the artist.

Pillsbury admitted: “I didn’t think we would talk at any point in the future. I almost cried when I came back. In my mind, I was very much like, ‘I made this up. We’re done, I gotta move on.’” You say it right, ‘real romance thinks it’s a long time ago.’

Emma and her lover Exhaust showed up at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Walk 27, 2022. For the chic party, Chamberlain opted for a dark silk Louis Vuitton outfit with straps and a bare back. She finished off her look with her sleek jeweled ruffle. Pillsbury wore, as far as is important to him, a shabby version of the model suit. Instead of the suit coat, he wore a more casual open-necked jacket.

In February 2022, Emma Chamberlain revealed that she was dating someone. Definitely, you read that right. During a February 2022 appearance on the digital show Call Her Daddy, Emma shared with webcast host Alex Cooper that she was seeing someone who was currently unwilling to reveal her lover’s name. However, for now, she is ready to convey her adoration to her fans from one side of the planet to the other.

Emma said, “That used to be my attitude, ‘I’ll definitely keep that and won’t allow anyone to see it.’ This is terrible though. It’s no damn fun. Besides, what’s wrong with life? Have a damn fun, okay? Sh-t was just meant to be f-ruler fun! Why are you preventing yourself from doing that?”

How does Good Example make ends meet? For those of you who don’t know, let us share that Exhaust ‘Good example’ Pillsbury is a performer by vocation. He is an American singer and musician who debuted his EP Arizona in the Late Spring in November 2017.

Exhaust Pillsbury is prominently known as a good example. His most memorable EP consists of a total of 4 singles: Don’t Rly Like You, Taken Vehicle, Very Model and Never Surrender. As of that second, he’s streamed his hit singles Insignificant, Hi!, Going Out, Taken Vehicle, and this is just the beginning.

Last year, Exhaust even performed at Coachella 2022 near specialists like Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and Kanye West. We should say that he is striving to make his way in the music business. He even announced his visit around the same time.

At the point where we shed some light on Good example’s music, it revolves around weighty themes of misery, self-inquiry, shattered connections and forlornness.

Good Example Needed to Seek Life in Movies First During a meeting with Bad Habit, the hero revealed that his unique dream was to seek a life in movies. He told the news source, “I had to direct and deliver films. Anyway, towards the end of my freshman year [in college] I had met these two kids who had recorded themselves rapping.”

The Don’t Rly Like You singer continued: “I had never seen that before. I didn’t know you could make something like this at home. They left the equipment at my apartment. I played around with it for about three weeks and fell head over heels in love.”

Does Exhaust Pillsbury have a profile on Instagram? The answer to the above question is a big yes. Like most singers in the music business, Exhaust Pillsbury, prominently known as Good example, has a profile on the internet entertainment platform Instagram.

His Instagram feed offers you a scaled-down visit through his life. It features snaps of him from his outings all over the place, a fun round of snaps from his music recordings and a few pics of him going about his daily life.

Are you setting a good example for Emma Chamberlain and Good as a team? Kindly let us know your views on the couple in the comments section below. Remember to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the showbiz universe.

https://www.tvguidetime.com/people/emma-chamberlain-confirms-new-romance-with-boyfriend-role-model-576054.html Emma Chamberlain Confirms New Romance With Boyfriend Role Model

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