Doctors reveal exactly what it feels like to die and the 4 things that happen to everyone

YOU would not be alone if you think about how it feels when you die.

Death is something we will all experience someday, but for many of us it feels like the great unknown.

A doctor has shared what happens to your body as you near the end


A doctor has shared what happens to your body as you near the end

People who have experienced being clinically dead have shared their experiences on Reddit.

One user said the experience was peaceful: “My world went soft and foggy and everything faded to black.”

Another described seeing her dead aunt sitting by her bed.

A nurse recently said that many people often experience “visions” — that’s when dying people, who are often completely lucid, see friends, family members and even pets who have passed away.

Now a doctor has shared what exactly happens to your body as you slowly approach death.

1. Your heart is slowing down

First, your heart starts beating slower — in turn, your blood pumps more slowly around your body and your blood pressure goes down, wrote palliative medicine specialist Dr. Kathryn Mannix Scientific focus.

While this is happening you may feel at peace, or you may experience some agitation or confusion.

2. Your breathing changes

Your breathing follows automatic patterns generated by the respiratory center in the brainstem, wrote Dr. Kathryn.

It could get heavier and louder – some people lose sense of their mouth and throat. But this happens without recognizable suffering, said the doctor.

You may also start breathing more slowly and shallowly.

Your breath could move from deep to shallow and fast to slow in repetitive cycles.

There may be pauses and eventually it will come to a standstill. Your heart stops after a few minutes due to lack of oxygen.

3. Dipping in and out of consciousness

You’ll spend less and less time awake, said Dr. Kathryn.

It may seem like sleep from the outside, but towards the end you will gradually drift into awareness for a longer period of time, perhaps without realizing it.

dr Kathryn wrote, “Upon waking, people report sleeping peacefully without the feeling of having been unconscious.”

Research published earlier this year suggests you can even enter a meditative state.

Scientists accidentally captured our most complex organ as it shut down and revealed an amazing snapshot of death.

A patient with epilepsy was hooked up to an electroencephalogram (EEG) prior to a heart attack.

This meant that the EEG recorded the 15 minutes around his death.

An increase in very specific brainwaves was noted in the 30 seconds on either side of the patient’s last heartbeat.

These waves, known as gamma oscillations, are associated with things like memory recall, meditation, and dreams.

This could mean – although many more studies need to be done – that we might see some sort of film reel of our best memories when we die.

The parts of the brain activated in this study also suggest that we might enter a peaceful, dream-like state that feels similar to meditation.

4. They might react to sounds

Researchers believe you can still hear sounds in your final moments, even though you don’t seem to be responding.

Look at Brain activity in coma patients In 2019, they predicted that some form of consciousness might eventually be possible.

While you may be able to hear, you may not necessarily understand what is going on.

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But dr Kathryn said: “We don’t have a proven method to study what people experience when they die.

“Recent research shows that the unconscious brain responds to sounds in the room even just before death. However, we don’t know how much sense music or voices make for a dying person.” Doctors reveal exactly what it feels like to die and the 4 things that happen to everyone

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