Disney+ Boss Openly Speaks Out About Concerns About Show Cancellations

Disney+ has enjoyed incredible success since its launch in 2019, largely due to the influx of content from Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed that streaming is available for the studio “100 percent the future” which was further evidenced by the consistent arrival of small screen projects, such as Loki and moon knight. However, one talking point that fans have been talking about is the chances of these shows being renewed.

Previously Marvel series like Loki, I Am Grootand What happened if…? have received orders for the second season while The Mandalorian and Andor initially have several Disney+ boards under their bag.

This leads to wild speculation as to whether other shows, such as Mrs Miracle and moon knight will get a season 2. Some have theorized that they would be canceled in favor of big screen appearances.

Now a Disney+ executive has taken on the matter.

Disney+ Exec reveals the importance of streaming for the company’s future

Marvel and Star Wars

Guesting on Variety’s Strictly Business podcast, Kareem Daniel, chairman of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution (which is responsible for the company’s streaming services, including Disney+), revealed the importance of streaming while also addressing fans’ concerns about it of cancellation.

When asked who is responsible for the manufacture “hard calls” When it came to canceling shows, Daniel first pointed out that they don’t have many examples to base on because that’s the case “Content teams create some amazing things.”

“Fortunately, we don’t have a lot of examples to go back to because the content teams create some amazing things. We weigh many different factors as to whether or not we should continue. And a lot of that requires trusting our content teams, where you know your story arc, you know what’s happening, sometimes you have a season 1 where you know you have to tackle certain things and establish those characters and a basic storyline, but You know where that’s going in a second season, even if it doesn’t perform as well in that first season, or as well as we’d like. You know what it’s going to do in season two, and it’s going to bring benefits because that library stays. If we’re talking about the streaming service, he’ll be there. We certainly rely on our content teams for that.”

However, Daniel stressed that top-level executives are responsible for this journey “Growth for these platforms”, Emphasizing the need for these shows to occur.

“But ultimately we have a responsibility to drive the growth of these platforms. Then when something doesn’t work, we have to make that decision, as hard as it may be when it doesn’t work in service. We are of course focused on achieving the profitability that we have set as our main goal for 2024. We are confident that we will achieve that.”

Variety pointed out that the “linear world” of media such as existing channels such as ESPN, Disney Channel and Freeform “melt.” The question then turned to how Disney is handling this meltdown or whether the industry is fair “overestimate” the decline.

Daniel explained that “Looking at industries is important” noting that the Walt Disney Company has “exceeded and even led” these industries despite the challenges that may arise:

“I often think it’s important to look at industries, but when you look at history, what the Walt Disney Company has done. We have outperformed and perhaps even led these industries, despite the fundamentals that can occur within the industries. What do I mean you mention ESPN, it’s the #1 cable network for 5 years running, ABC [is the] #1 primetime cable network, three years in a row. i can go on There is a lot here. You have Freeform, FX and so on. We continue to do well in those areas.”

The Disney manager then assured that “Streaming is a massive part” of the company’s future, meaning it will continue to serve as an integral part of the studio going forward.

In addition, Daniel also highly praised the content teams:

“That said, streaming is a big part of our future, and our role at DMED is to strike a balance between networks and streaming and cinema. That means we know the growth we want to achieve in networks, we know what we want to achieve at the box office, and we’re investing appropriately. And again, the content teams are creating amazing content against it, and it’s not a situation of one type or another.”

Why canceling MCU shows isn’t an option right now

Disney Chairman Kareem Daniel’s recent comment on concerns about the cancellation is a positive development, meaning existing shows are safe on Disney+ for now. The high praise given to the content team is reassuring and could motivate them to produce higher quality content.

At this stage, Disney+ is a well-oiled machine that’s undeterred by the competition, particularly with its barrage of new content outside of Marvel and Star Wars. For example, High School Musical The Musical Series is now entering a fourth season (with no signs of slowing down), while other new series such as Bay max and cars on the street got off to a great start in terms of audience.

While there may come a point where cancellations will be necessary, Daniel’s remark about a thorough process when it comes to making a decision gives fans a snapshot of these difficult decisions and ensures they are aware of them Being aware of things doesn’t just happen with a snap of your fingers.

All in all, with the confirmation that streaming is a big part of House of Mouse’s future, the general expectation is that more quality content will be coming sooner rather than later.

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