Deadpool creator reveals 1 thing he told Disney to make it into Deadpool 3

dead pool 3 has recently become the talking point of the comic book movie community thanks to an internet-shattering update from lead actor Ryan Reynolds. The man behind the Merc with a Mouth has made a new ad for the Threequel to fulfill a dream Marvel fans have had for years – Hugh Jackman will be joining Reynolds’ Deadpool as Wolverine for her MCU debuts in the upcoming flick.

Though there are still two years left before this one-of-a-kind outing hits theaters, the hype is real as fans await Jackman’s Wolverine to join the MCU, even after his journey with Fox ended in an award-winning 2017 logan. While it can’t say which specific story dead pool 3 will show, particularly with Hugh Jackman, that the chance to see him under the Marvel Studios umbrella has a huge group of fans eagerly awaiting the film’s release.

Leading the hype train for this film was Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, teasing the Avengers-centric antics with it dead pool 3 could take place shortly after San Diego Comic-Con 2022. More recently, Liefeld took the opportunity to share what he actually wanted to see dead pool 3 – something that actually came to fruition.

Deadpool Creator via Deadpool 3 Wishes

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds

Speaking to’s Brandon Davis on the Phase Zero Podcast, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld shared what he wanted to see at Marvel Studios. dead pool 3.

As it turns out, he “had a meeting with Disney” where he actually told them that Hugh Jackman had to return as Wolverine in the threequel:

“So I had a meeting with Disney and they racked my brains about what I wanted. And Brandon, I’m so lucky to have this email because I followed it up and said, ‘I’m going to put this in writing.’ and [in the meeting] I said, ‘Look, everyone wants Hugh – Wolverine, Ryan – Deadpool, that’s it.’ I said, ‘This can get as big as Endgame.’ I just went there because why not, why not just make it big, right?”

Then, “the day after the Disney meeting”, Liefeld heard from one of his inside friends that Jackman had officially committed to playing Wolverine again Dead Pool triquel. Even after telling Disney he wanted to see this, he was just as shocked as anyone to see this “Wolverine is back:”

“The day after the Disney meeting I had an industry friend, it’s that crazy, an industry friend who’s never been wrong and is quite powerful in the entertainment business, I can’t reveal the source. But he calls me and says, “Dude, Hugh signed, Wolverine’s back. They do it, Wolverine’s back.” He said, “Don’t doubt me, don’t you dare doubt me. I locked it, the deal is done, they do.” And I’m like, ‘Oh crap’ because I’m like, ‘This is it!’ I knew when they were going to film and where the production was going, and all of that information seems spot on. But nobody knew when they would announce it, right?

Liefeld excited about Jackman casting in Deadpool 3

While there’s no guarantee that a character’s creator will have a say in what happens on the big screen, it seems that Liefeld ultimately got what he wanted.

While Wolverine and (albeit a smaller version of) Deadpool were only used together on screen for an entire movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, their adventures in the comics show how strong their relationship is as they fight with each other and sometimes against each other. And having brought Deadpool to life in the comics, Liefeld seems confident that that relationship will translate beautifully to a big screen in the MCU.

Reynolds and Jackman have already hinted at some of the wild antics they’ll be up to when dead pool 3 comes to theaters where their genuine friendship shines while the MCU delivers two fan favorites X-Men Depictions under the umbrella of Marvel Studios. Only time will tell what kind of chaos is to come in this new R-rated game, but it seems Liefeld is as confident as ever that this was a good move by Disney.

The untitled dead pool 3 is expected to hit theaters on September 6, 2024 Deadpool creator reveals 1 thing he told Disney to make it into Deadpool 3

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