Craig Mazin is aware of the “Nepo Baby” discourse when his daughter’s music appears in The Last of Us

'The Last of Us' showrunner Craig Mazin is aware of the Nepo-Baby discourse

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for ‘The last of us’ Episode six, ‘Kin’.

Episode six of HBO The last of us had perhaps the most emotional closing moments of any of its predecessors, which is quite an achievement considering some of the devastating character arcs that have closed in the past few weeks.

In short, Joel lies dying in the snow while Ellie sobs over him, not knowing what to do – and as the camera pans away and the credits roll, we’re treated to a haunting rendition of Depeche Mode’s Never Let Me Down Again. spoiled” – after hearing the original song in episode one.

Ellie in The Last of Us episode six
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As it turns out, that performance was performed by showrunner Craig Mazin’s 18-year-old daughter, Jessica Mazin, he revealed to the HBO official The last of us podcast. — and he’s keenly aware of the recent discourse surrounding Nepo babies and how his daughter’s recruitment for the soundtrack of one of TV’s biggest hits could be received:

“I know I sound like an idiot who’s just a stupid father talking about his kid and saying how amazing they are, I’m not that guy. I’m also very aware of the whole Nepo baby discussion out there.”

Mazin goes on to describe his train of thought at the conclusion of the episode with a “Never Let Me Down Again” callback, specifically finding a female singer for a more immersive performance that can effectively mirror Ellie at this pivotal moment. He turned to his daughter to perform it, who actually refused the task for two weeks before having to ask again:

“So I was like, ‘Hey, Jessie, where’s my song?'” She’s like, ‘Oh, uh, I forgot.’ And I’m like, ‘Listen, I want to get this straight, daddy says he wants to get your song on TV, can you? Please, just please.” And she’s like, “Ugh! Fine!” And she sent it to me and I was like goddamn it.

I think the version we put together for the ending feels like an echo of Ellie, and in that Jessie is my daughter and I’m thinking of Bella [Ramsey] As a sort of adopted daughter, for me personally, it’s that beautiful moment where it’s like my two daughters are together in that moment at the end of the episode.”

Nepo-baby debates and surly teenage dodging of huge opportunities and responsibilities aside, we can’t deny that Mazin absolutely nailed her interpretation of the Depeche Mode hit we all rediscovered six weeks ago. Well, via an official release? We’d like something to cry about as we reflect on where we left Joel this week, please and thank you.

We’ll find out how Ellie makes ends meet and when The last of us returns next Sunday with a new episode on HBO Max. Craig Mazin is aware of the “Nepo Baby” discourse when his daughter’s music appears in The Last of Us

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