Country duo Everette put their acting skills to good use in the music video for Make Me Want One

When it came down to producing Everette’s new music video for her new song “Make Me Need One,” the aggressive-sounding aspiring country couple knew exactly what characters they needed to portray. “We had to resemble the old Deals guys from the ’50s,” says Anthony Olympia with a chuckle about the music video, which debuted exclusively on Individuals.

“There is a section where Brent [Rupard] tries the fake cigarette and chop. It was so entertaining, so great.

I almost had to leave the room as I kept giggling non-stop.”

“I’ve been messing around with cigarettes for a while and haven’t contacted one in years,” adds Rupard, who close to his longtime collaborator and Kentucky bandmate, recently made her Fantastic Ole Opry debut. “Undoubtedly, getting hold of this Zippo lighter and firing it up felt a bit unusual. It wasn’t even real, but it took me back.”

The two then share a snap of giggling together and admit they don’t expect to receive any awards for their performances in the new music video. In any case, the country rockers, who keep making some significant waves in bluegrass music with the politeness of their generally good songwriting style, say they love having the opportunity to take on a different role from time to time.

“It’s fun to put on a new skin and sometimes present the melody in a unique way,” says Rupard. “Sometimes you compose it and you have a vision in your head and after that sometimes the video is a bit unique, which is really fun because tunes have so many different points that individuals can then decode it in a way that they need. ”

For that reason, Everette says they’re excited for fans to show up at the arrival of their new collection, Lords of the Dairy Sovereign Parking Area: Side B, a collection in which the country duo co-wrote every tune and more as commendable is development on the much vaunted Rulers of the Dairy Sovereign Stopping: Page A.

“When we delivered Side A, it was during the pandemic, so the agreement was to deliver it and a few months after Side B was laid off, but the pandemic was a bit, so we held back,” says Rupard von die Collection now collecting raving polls for cuts like their habit-forming track “Going to Be An Issue”.

“Indeed, the expectation for this one is solid.” “It’s similar to having kids,” says Olympia. “They’re born and then you raise them and after that they finally turn 18 and you let them out of the house so they start bringing in cash and maybe make you some money.” He chuckles. “It’s like, ‘Go do it right with me!'”

It is positive that the period of time between the creation of the collection and the release of the collection has certainly passed Everette with new eyes in order to see the range in it.

“As life changes you, some of these melodies take on another life,” says Olympia. “There are certainly a few tunes that have developed a bit.”

Take “Scrape By” for example. “I feel like the thought is timeless,” Olympia continues. “From the beginning of the presence, we’re just trying to be fair here.

Anyway, since we recorded this tune, my better half and I have had another youngster and we currently have two.

Also, we expertly visit more and just try to squeeze past.” He stops.

“I’m guessing now that we’re just constantly dealing with an alternate situation.”

Rulers of the Dairy Sovereign Parking Lot: Side B adds the tunes that almost went away, including the intriguing “She Got That from Me”.

“We composed it and did a demo and I think it waited a little bit with Scalawag Flatts and they had to change a few verses, so we reworked it and modified it,” recalls Rupard.

“I went back to him and just thought about how much I adored him. There are countless love songs about breaking your heart, but this one just takes the other point.”

It’s undoubtedly one that will all but bond during their live show when they’re touring with The Cadillac Three this fall.

“It’s just so human to go to a live show and it’s so extraordinary to have that energy flowing between the craftsman and the audience,” concludes Olympia.

“Individuals need an association like never before and music usually does.” Country duo Everette put their acting skills to good use in the music video for Make Me Want One

Adam Bradshaw

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