Comedian Celeste Barber Says Emily Ratajkowski Blocked Her After Instagram Parody

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Australian comedian Celeste Barber – who’s famous for parodying absurd photos and videos posted by models and influencers – may have gone a little too far with her post facial expressions Model Emily Ratajkowskisaid Barber at an appearance in Australia Fitzy and Wippa talk show on Tuesday. (Editor’s note: Fitzy and Wippa??) Barber said the model blocked her on Instagram in 2021 – we suspect from the caption to Barber’s post: “We’re sick of you guys objectifying our bodies! Besides, here’s my ass.”

At the time, commentators pointed out to Barber that women can refuse to be objectified by the male gaze and still making the choice between posting our own bikini photos or sexualizing our own bodies.

“Do you have any feedback from Ratajkowski?” Fitzy or Wippa asked Barber on Tuesday.

“I don’t think Emily is a fan,” Barber replied. “That’s okay, she can’t love it. But she blocked me.”

“I actually get inundated with fancy people sending me photos to parody,” she continued, hinting that none other than Cindy Crawford (“world’s greatest supermodel,” as Barber described her) would approve of Barber’s brand of humor — or at least didn’t stop her: “If Cindy Crawford’s okay with that, I’m okay with that.”

Barber didn’t discuss the caption, which Ratajkowski certainly disagreed with since she’s spent a lot of time thinking about and reckon with their own objectification. As she wrote in her 2021 memoir My bodyShe rose to fame after dancing naked in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video – and Thicke put his hands on her boobs while they filmed, which wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal. “I had no real power as the naked girl dancing around in his music video,” she wrote. “I was nothing more than the hired mannequin.”

While Barber is a popular comedian and most hot women she fakes can have a laugh with her, it makes sense that Ratajkowski would balk at that particular caption. It struck a chord with her.

At the same time it is also an inherently feminist service for a normal looking woman to point out unrealistic standards of beauty by recreating photos and videos based on the thinness and unattainable physical perfection of their subjects. It’s silly and funny, and a good reminder that most women’s bodies don’t look like Kendall Jenner’s.

The facts of this case are pretty simple: Barber’s “joke” about Ratajkowski was outdated and crass, and Ratajkowski didn’t like it, so she took the digital path of least resistance and blocked it. Very good. But beyond that, the interaction between the two is a perfect — albeit niche — example of debate within feminism itself.

Not unlike Barber’s caption, Ratajkowski’s Feminism’s brand is obsolete in its own way. A few years ago it was perhaps subversive and groundbreaking to use one’s conventional hotness to reclaim and tout one’s sexuality and stand up to slut shame, as her social media posts often do. But now it’s frustrating that Ratajkowski — one of the conventionally hottest women out there, who also frequently speaks out about her identity as a feminist — continues to be unwilling or unable to identify her own myriad privileges. My body criticizes how society has objectified them specifically and women in general, but offers it little self-reflection on how Ratajkowski has also benefited from the privileges that come with her looks: “She is well aware of her role in the system, but does little to break out of it,” says Megan Reynolds wrote from Ratajkowski’s memoirs.

In any case, Ratajkowski apparently blocked Barber some time ago, and miraculously, both women’s lives have moved on. Ratajkowski and Barber continued to push feminism—or at least they did her personal twists on it – in their own way. May the two continue to post in peace. Comedian Celeste Barber Says Emily Ratajkowski Blocked Her After Instagram Parody

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