Can You Use Red Borneo Kratom As A Sedative?

The Borneo Kratom is one of the very well-known kratom strains. One can derive Borneo Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) from the tropical tree part belonging to the coffee family found in Southeast Asia. Most Kratom comes from the same tree, but certain factors affect the potency of the final product; some of these essential factors are rain, location harvested, and the method one uses to prepare the powder. The leaves of the plant dried to make the powder. Red Borneo is a famous red vein strain of the Kratom. The kratom red borneo strains help in boosting energy if taken in smaller doses, whereas the higher intake tends to be more sedating. Even if one ingests the Red Borneo in small quantities, it can help improve mood and give an uplifting sensation. One takes larger doses to get relief from anxiety and winding down after a hard day.

Use of Kratom Red Borneo as Sedative

The name “Red Kratom Borneo” comes from the Island of Borneo; that is its place of origin. The Red Kratom strains usually consist of a high concentration of alkaloid 5-HO-mitragynine, which targets the opioid receptors of the body and helps in getting pain relief and relaxation. Red Borneo helps in providing mood-enhancing and relaxing benefits of Kratom, even if taken in lower doses as against others that one takes in high doses.

Anxiety is a serious issue nowadays, and one can cure it with Kratom. Red Borneo in lower doses helps in dealing with anxiety and its symptoms. It gives a sense of ecstatic relaxation that helps in numbing pain and anxiety. After its intake, one might feel a sudden peaceful wave of euphoria when it settles down inside. Usually, the doctor does not recommend larger doses as they might make one feel sleepy and light-headed like some painkillers.

Moreover, Red Kratom is not much overbearing, unlike other strains of Kratom that help boost energy even at a lower dosage. Red Borneo helps battle the symptoms of anxiety-like tense muscles, sleeplessness, and stress. One can take larger doses in the afternoon and before sleep because the sedative effect of Red Borneo helps in dealing with insomnia and muscle pain.

Dosage of Red Borneo Kratom

Before ingesting it, one of the most important things to be kept in mind is the dosage of Kratom. The dosage quantity will vary from person to person due to various factors ranging from the body weight, tolerance of Kratom (how often one is consuming Kratom), and the desired result one wishes to have. One should initially start with a smaller dosage and slowly increase the dosage as per their needs.

  • Dose for mild stimulation: Generally, a microdose consisting of 1-2 grams of Kratom (Red Borneo) can help in uplifting the mood and boosting energy. Also, a small dose may not be helpful as the instant energy, and the uplifting emotions may make the person more anxious.
  • Dose for pain relief: Generally, higher doses of 5-8 grams can help reduce the pain because of their sedative properties. For nerve pain, one can take higher doses. But when it comes to joint and muscle pain, the effects of the consumption work faster.
  • Dose for anxiety relief: a dose of 5-8 grams is considered a higher dose and can help control anxiety. It is advised to start with a small dose and then increase the dose depending on an individual’s tolerance level.

Possible Side Effects of Red Borneo Kratom

It is advised to start with a smaller dosage, and then depending on factors like size, weight, and tolerance level, one must increase the dosage. Now, if taken in a higher amount, it may cause the following effects:

  • Nausea: taking a high dosage can upset your stomach and cause uneasiness and feelings of vomiting.
  • Lethargy: owing to its sedative properties, taking a high dosage may cause a drop-down in energy levels making the person lethargic and tired.
  • Shaking: It is also known as “kratom wobbles.” A higher dosage of Kratom can lead to the person feeling sick and cause cold sweats and shaking.
  • Addiction: Being sedative in nature and taking it in a higher amount may cause the individual to develop an addiction to Kratom.

Final Thoughts

Red Borneo is an outstanding choice of Kratom strain owing to various factors. It is an excellent cure for treating patients with anxiety and its severe symptoms (insomnia). One must keep in mind certain factors, plus the dosage of the Kratom prior to ingesting it. You can look up how to take powder kratom to get a better idea of dosages. Factors vary from person to person (size, weight, and tolerance level). If taken in smaller doses, it may help an individual with energy and focus, whereas a higher dosage may be taken to manage anxiety and sleeplessness. Once it is ingested and settles down the body, the person feels euphoric and calm as the Red Borneo allows the muscles to relax and ease the pain.

Huynh Nguyen

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